Alfa Romeo 4C Spider – Best Buy in Supercars

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s open-air performance cockpit and mid-engine proportions draw from more than 100 years of Italian motoring tradition.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe was an impressive performer on the road and on the sales charts with 3000 units sold thus far globally and an 18-month waiting list. The new 4C Spider will prove an even more formidable entry into the supercar class in performance, but not price. It is without question the best buy in the hot two-seaters.

The convertible conversion adds just 22 pounds – not a typo – over the weight of the Coupe. As a result, there will be no discernible deterioration in performance – 160 mph top speed, zero-60 mph in 4.1seconds. That 1.3s faster the Porsche Cayman and 0.5 seconds quicker than the 911. Moreover, the price for the Spider will be in the $65,000 to +$85,000 range, excluding dealer gouging for the short supply car.

Performance, price, exclusivity and aggressively styled looks, both versions of the 4C have it all.

Spider adds a unique carbon fiber windshield frame and an optional carbon fiber “halo” highlight to the coupe’s ultralight carbon fiber monocoque and aluminum chassis structures, which enable an incredible power-to-weight ratio and supercar level performance. With a curb weight of less than 2500 pounds, the Alfa is as much as 11000 pounds lighter than competing Audi, BMW and Porsche models.

Power comes from an all-aluminum, 1750 cc direct-injection, dual intercooled, turbocharged engine with dual variable-valve timing paired to a twin-clutch transmission, and a performance selector with four adjustable driving modes.

Built in Modena, Italy, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider arrives in U.S. and Canadian dealerships this summer.

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