Another Weird and Wacky Tokyo Motor Show to Open on 2019Tokyo Motor Show

Weird or wacky or both? Toyota’s production-ready Ultra-compact battery electric vehicle due for commercial launch in Japan in 2020.

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) will hold the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 for 12 days from October 24 through November 4. The theme for this year’s show, “Open Future,” is expanded beyond automobiles, motorcycles and commercial vehicles and auto-related displays. It broadens to include developments (and rentals) from other industries. In short, the traditional auto show as we know it is no longer sustainable.

Tokyo Motor Show 2019 will also be bigger – at least in size, attendance remains to be seen – by taking place at Tokyo Big Sight and in the surrounding Odaiba area to allow more people to experience the new events and programs.

At the Future Expo exhibit, cutting-edge technologies will be presented from 60 corporations and entities, including NTT, Panasonic, NEC, Fujitsu and other member companies of the Olympic and Paralympic Economic Council. Toyota will display its new, production-ready Ultra-compact BEV (battery electric vehicle) at the FUTURE EXPO special exhibition of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show ahead of the vehicle’s planned commercial launch in Japan in 2020.

The Mega Web space will have 90 stations where visitors can enjoy what’s billed as direct encounters with the future.

The 1.5 km-long “Open Road” walkway will link the Ariake and Aomi areas in the show’s venue. Experience the future with Micromobility and Personal Mobility Rides:

  • Test drives & rides: Micromobility Test Drive, Personal Mobility Test Drive, Electric Scooter Test Drive, Kids’ “Cart Experience”
  • 70 vehicles representing different types of mobility will be displayed across the Open Road; cool, cute, or unusual, this program has it all.

 Stage and Related Events

FAI Drone Tokyo 2019 Racing & Conference: Japan’s first drone race approved by the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, or International Aviation Federation) will take place at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Supercar Collection: With the cooperation of the Japan SuperCar Association, visitors will be able to view uncommon supercars customized cars, and two-wheeled and three-wheeled motorcycles from overseas will also be on display at various locations throughout the show’s venue.

 e-Motorsports: With the program at Mega Stage, visitors will experience the driving dynamics of real cars and the excitement of motorsports through various e-Motorsports events. The combination of gaming and reality will be showcased with Gran Turismo SPORT, available exclusively for PlayStation4 (Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.), and the “FIA Gran Turismo Championship 2019 World Tour Round 5.” This is a real-world component of the game’s FIA Gran Turismo Championship 2019 and will allow visitors to watch the players from around the world and experience Gran Turismo SPORT using the same set-up used by the professional e-Motorsports drivers.

Other events to be held at this venue include the e-Motorsports “Under-18 Inter-Prefecture Japan Championship” featuring top drivers under 18 years of age from around Japan; the Manufacturers’ Championship; and the single-make GR Supra GT Cup.

Out of KidZania

In collaboration with KidZania, children will be able to roleplay as employees at car manufacturers, parts manufacturers and mobile communication companies. A “City Where Kids Can Work” will be set up within the Aomi Exhibition Hall where children will have the opportunity to experience what goes on in automotive maintenance, manufacturing, clay modelling, remote control operation and other car-related jobs. Kids who participate in a KidZania program will receive a coupon at the end which they can exchange for a gift.

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