Audi Urban Concept Sketch Released ahead of IAA in Frankfurt

In addition to a Spyder EV model, Audi is also presenting a so-called Sportback variant.

There are those who maintain that an urban vehicle is a contradiction in terms, and that includes the European Union or EU, which has announced plans to ban all conventionally fueled cars from cities by 2050.

Not surprisingly this has resulted in a number of concept cars that on paper at least could skirt the ban, the latest of which is the Audi Urban concept. In sketches and a press release issued today the Audi Urban Concept  is teasing a technical study that will presented at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt next month – the home market of the German auto industry.

This carbon fuel based German industrial and job creating behemoth so far lags the Japanese automakers Toyota and Honda  in the sale of  hybrid technology, to say little of the Nissan and Renault electric vehicles now being rolled out globally.

Since the Audi urban concept is intended to be an electric vehicle, it is not based on any previous model, all of which are too heavy to return any practical range-challenged from battery powered cars. Audi says that its development is solely oriented on the strict principles of lightweight construction and efficiency. One of the obvious moves is the eliminated of all but two seats, and those are staggered tandem, as in a sort of bicycle built for two.

Two so-called e-tron electric motors provide the power as long as a charge remains in the lithium-ion battery pack that supplies the energy. No technical details have been released at this time.

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