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Was 2008 the Year When Carlos Ghosn Went Rogue? Ghosn’s Former Speechwriter on What He Did for Nissan – And What That Did to Him

That made it like golf in the fog. In order to anticipate his thinking, I had to imprint in my brain his voice, his Latinate mode of expression and every word ever said by or about him. Ten years later it’s still all there. And since his arrest in Japan last November, all that verbiage has continuously run through my mind as I try to make sense of this shocking event. Continue reading

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Letter from Japan: Life One Year after the Earthquake, Tsunami and Fukoshima Daiichi Nuclear Meltdown

Life is back to normal. Everywhere in Japan, except the reactor’s immediate vicinity, is safe to visit. But today we ache for the 19,000 souls who lost their lives. And we feel for the people in Fukushima — including friends — who are facing the dreadful realization that they will never, ever be able to go home. An area the size of Luxembourg may be off limits forever.

Continue reading

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Letter from Japan: Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan ongoing Earthquake and Tsunami Coverage

Our FCCJ journalists are, without question, the most experienced and informed foreign observers of Japan. They were on the scene hours after the disaster — doing interviews in Japanese. And they are still there weeks after Anderson Cooper and the pack of TV news anchor princesses ran screaming to the airport at the first hint of radiation. Continue reading

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Editorial: Japanese Vending Machines Led by Coca-Cola Using Scarce Electrical Power after Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown

Coca-Cola was the initial target of the conservation campaign since shutting down these robotic consumers of scarce electrical power can have an immediate effect and because Coca-Cola has more machines than any other company. Simply put Coca-Coal is global leader in the business that espouses corporate social responsibility. Where Coke goes, rivals such as Kirin and Suntory will follow. Continue reading

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Letter From Japan on Media’s Nuclear Panic and Coca-Cola

The media have whipped themselves into a frenzy about the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that is causing some people to panic needlessly.

Yes, the Fukushima nuclear situation is cause for great concern. But even worst case scenarios hold very little danger for those in the Tokyo region. Those most likely to suffer are the poor souls who have already suffered most: people in the tsunami zone close to and north of the nuclear plant in northeastern Japan. Continue reading

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Letter From Japan on the Earthquake and Media Coverage

John Harris is a friend and an excellent speechwriter I worked with in Asia Pacific who lives in the Tokyo area. John is now dealing with the aftershocks of the Japanese earthquake – literally and figuratively.  See John here on … Continue reading

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