Tom Brady Refuses Chevrolet Colorado as Super Bowl MVP. Pickup Goes to Malcolm Butler

It is just another unreal event in what has been an incredible week,” said Butler.

It sure has been an interesting year for the NFL. The latest twist involves Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, aka underinflated balls, refusing to accept a Chevrolet Colorado pickup for his performance in XLIX. Instead, the Colorado will go to cornerback Malcolm Butler whose end zone interception almost certainly resulted in a Patriots’ victory.

“I’ve seen several game-changing moments in big games, and Malcom’s interception last Sunday ranks up there as one of the biggest,” said Brady. “I appreciate Chevrolet wanting to honor the Super Bowl’s top performer, and I’m glad they have agreed to award the Colorado to Malcolm.”

AutoInformed is not sure what to think about this, given the NFL’s record on truth telling, prevarication and coverups. Brady being a class guy? Chevy getting a double bite of the P.R. apple for GM and the Patriots?  Brady doesn’t want or need the truck, or want to pay taxes on it?

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1 Response to Tom Brady Refuses Chevrolet Colorado as Super Bowl MVP. Pickup Goes to Malcolm Butler

  1. Snowed Under in Boston says:

    I would say “all of the above,” to your observations.

    Brady donated the truck he won from the previous Super Bowl XXXVIII MVP to his high school, which then raised $365,000 from a raffle.

    He has a history of doing his teammates right. He is no dummy!

    Years ago, he agreed to do commercials for VISA only if they agreed to write in parts for his superb offensive line. And they did. As I recall the money was split evenly.

    Brady on local Boston Sports radio soon after this Super Bowl win:

    “I’d love to [give Malcolm the truck],” Brady said on Boston sports radio station WEEI.
    “We’re going to figure out how to make that happen.”

    Soon after that local news reported Chevrolet had agreed, and hey, why not take advantage of a double bite of the PR and make it sound as if it was their idea/initiative. Direct gift got Brady out of taxes and some IRS max of lifetime gift amount.

    My instincts say the Brady was the one who initiated it from the get go.

    Win-win all around.

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