California Details Latest CO2 Reduction Programs on Global Warming and CO2California Climate Investments will fund about 150 cleaner school buses across the state. These include zero-emission battery electric models and conventional models using renewable diesel.

The year-old Rural School Bus Pilot Project, which has received $25 million in cap-and-trade funding, will buy as many as 60 of those new school buses in rural areas, reducing 10,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. About 40 of those school buses in rural areas will be zero-emission battery electric.

Ultra-clean school buses in rural districts represent just one of many projects rolling out across California that are helping the state transition to what it calls a clean transportation future. The investments support many next-generation vehicles, including electric school buses in Sacramento, electric yard trucks in Fontana, hydrogen-powered buses in the Coachella Valley, and a fleet of electric delivery trucks for Goodwill Industries in the Bay Area. About half of the investments are for projects or vehicles that are in, or benefit, disadvantaged communities.

Rural School Districts Electric School Buses

  • Konocti Unified School District,
  • Rescue Union School District,
  • Palermo Union School District,
  • Wilsona School District,
  • Fall River Joint Unified School District,
  • Oroville Union High School District, and
  • Ukiah Unified School District

 $1.2 Billion Cap-and-Trade Investments in Zero-Emission Transportation*

Cleaner School Buses
150 school buses*

Heavy-Duty Trucks:
48 class 7+8 heavy duty zero-emission trucks

Delivery, Utility, Trash Trucks
1,057 delivery, utility and refuse trucks*
Utility Trucks* – 133

Hybrid Delivery and Refuse Trucks*

Battery electric delivery trucks – 82

438 zero-emission transit buses and shuttles
Transit Buses – 361
Shuttle Buses – 77

166,817 Light-duty ZEVs and PHEVs (plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles)
Full battery electric cars – 101,091
Plug-in hybrid cars* – 62,455
Hydrogen fuel cell cars – 3,271

Off-Road, Cargo-Handling Equipment
29 zero-emission yard trucks, fork lifts, cargo-handling equipment

Total funding for projects and vehicles benefiting disadvantaged communities: 48%

*Includes both zero- and near zero-emission technologies


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