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Fourth of July 2018 – a Divided Nation That’s Lost Its Way

On our latest Fourth of July, we unfortunately, find some of our beliefs as outlined in the U.S. Constitution once again under attack by tyrants from the Royalty of Riches that makes its own laws in defiance of our binding pledge to “We the people.” Continue reading

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Significant Stories, Trends of 2017. And 2018?

However, journalists staring down a blank screen, an opaque prelude to more 2018 deadlines, do not have the option to Tweet and constantly Run away from the responsibilities of the job. Here is AutoInformed on some significant automotive related stories of the 2017 year, with our wry awareness, as always, that columnists conduct their education – sometimes not perfectly informed – in public. Continue reading

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Labor Day 2017 – September Fourth

Labor Day, this national holiday is a creation of the labor movement in the late 19th century struggling then as now against extremely wealthy owners and Wall Street, pays homage to the communal and economic achievements of workers in America. It will be the workers of America who rebuild Texas, not the billionaires who will reap the harvest of Trump’s proposed tax cuts. Continue reading

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Annual CAR MBS Conference Under Way in Changing Industry

It’s summer in northern Michigan, a time when people flock there for fun, relaxations such a swimming, sailing and fine dining amid verdant rolling hills. There is, however, a significant number of people who come each year at the beginning … Continue reading

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The Fourth of July 2017

We should celebrate our feisty past today, and honor the men and women of vision and property that created wealth. They established this country starting with the War of Independence, continuing through the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution that is still in place – as fine a document of governance of the people, by the people and for the people that ever existed. Continue reading

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Trump Lies – Healthcare Bill Boots 24m, Eventually Keeps 52m from Insurance Because of Tax Cuts for Favored Rich

Look at an analysis by the independent and widely respected Congressional Budget Office that was released his week, and promptly dismissed by Republicans as bogus. In the analysis, the highly respected, independent CBA says that 24 million people – mostly poor – will lose health service while giant, unimaginable tax cuts will go to the supper rich. Continue reading

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FAA Proposes Talking About Regulations for Drones

With an airspeed less than that of the Wright Flyer, the FAA has set up work groups to finally provide specific regulations covering UAS – unmanned aircraft systems – or drones in the national airspace it solely controls. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2016 Sees a Divided People

Thanksgiving is rooted in the traditions of early 17th century pilgrims, illegal immigrants or transplants, as celebrations of survival because of bountiful, and more importantly shared harvests. This was the beginning of “We the People.” President George Washington presiding from … Continue reading

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Can Another Exploding Airbag Be the Fix for Interior Deaths?

With intense engineering, some of these problems could be dealt with by passive solutions. This could be far less expensive than adding another airbag to every new vehicle. It is worth intense study because explosive devices, as Takata conclusively proved, can go off at the wrong time with deadly consequences.

Continue reading

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FAA Issues Some Drone Rules

It’s going to take a tragedy to change things, AutoInformed opines. During the Woodward Dream Cruise drones were clearly violating the proposed rules. Worse, there is no enforcement mechanism in place or proposed. Continue reading

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Fourth of July 2016 – Let’s Move Toward More Independence

Remember well the resounding words of its preamble – WE THE PEOPLE – not we the 1%. In addition, we need to toss out of office the craven people who do not understand WE, who are in it just for ME. Continue reading

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Major Greed Baseball – Toyota Sponsors the Texas Rangers

The sponsorship “will highlight Toyota’s two Texas-built trucks, Tacoma and Tundra.” To be fair, Toyota – as do many, many other companies, is only taking advantage of a marketing opportunity offered by Major Greed baseball. The question is when does hype and selling end? We are dangerously close to not playing ball, but playing mall. Continue reading

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African American History Month

Each year, U.S. presidents proclaim February as National African-American History Month. What happens in the future if racist Republicans take the White House, notably with emphasis on white by hater Mr. Trump, is unknown. I thought my ancestors settled this argument fighting for the Union during the 1860s. Subsequent Constitutional amendments made it American law. Continue reading

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The Real Stars of the NAIAS – Nomad, 300G and Mustang

These were cars that were built when the term “Big Three” meant something beyond what the Detroit automakers are now – supporting players but no longer the superstars in the global automobile business. Continue reading

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Unsafe Used Vehicles with Open Recalls. What to Do?

However, AutoInformed thinks the bill ignores the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution. Could it be here that we have a group of politicians trying to give the impression of doing something good by singling out one, arguably, unpopular business group – franchised auto dealers – while exempting far more numerous voters? This bill could also be an example of incomplete staff work. Nonetheless, much more work is needed, if we really want to increase the rate of completed recalls. Continue reading

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