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UAW Pressure: Ford Further Postpones NA Production Restart

In a duh statement Ford said: “Ford and autoworkers’ unions – especially the UAW – are working closely on initiatives to keep the workforce safe, including upgrading social distancing guidelines, requiring the workers to self-certify daily that they are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms – and more.” Continue reading

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FCA US Reports Q1 Sales Drop -10%

FCA US reported a 10% decline in its first-quarter sales as the positive momentum in January and February was more than offset by the country’s unpreparedness for the ongoing  coronavirus that is still running rampant. For the quarter, U.S. sales were 446,768 vehicles compared with 498,425 for the same period a year earlier. Retail sales were 306,898 vehicles for the quarter. Fleet accounted for 31% of total sales. Continue reading

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GM First-Quarter U.S. Sales Drop -7% to 618,335

President Trump admitted yesterday that the US is looking at a painful two weeks of deaths from the COVID-19 virus. Public health experts have been less optimistic. The GM announcement comes as all of the Detroit Three have postponed resumption of vehicle production due in part to the UAW demanding safe work spaces. Unbelievable that there are still states without shelter-in-place orders. Continue reading

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Data Point: 2020 Census Paid Temporary Workers Released

Data will help sorting out the mess created by the US’s unpreparedness for what is now a Global Pandemic with the US a leader in cases, illnesses and deaths. Continue reading

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COVID-19 Disrupts the Mobility Industry

“Many cities around the world are currently experiencing lockdowns and ‘shelter at home’ executive orders that have slowed the pace of urban life. Mobility is one of the industries that is being hit directly by the new pandemic in multiple aspects,” Bahrani Fard says. Continue reading

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Jeep Renegade and Compass 4xe Ready for Euro Orders

Marketing has been shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic as is made clear by FCA’s challenges of introducing new Jeep Renegade and Compass models in Europe. Continue reading

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RumbleOn Posts 2019 Loss. Cancels Guidance

Executive summary from AutoInformed: RumbleOn has ambitious plans with more than $840 million in revenue in 2019, but what is arguably a national brand is facing the ongoing contraction (collapse?) of the U.S. economy. Continue reading

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Audi A6 Hybrid Vehicles Recalled for Short Circuits, Fires

A fire in a railway container in China last December with 2 new Audi vehicles started a chain of events that lead to this global recall. Audi investigations with Valeo the supplier on the  root cause, possible contributing factors and affected production period ensued. Continue reading

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2020 NAIAS Canceled. TCF Center to be Field Hospital. Michigan’s COVID Crisis had Little Federal Help

“With the more than 100 convention centers and facilities around the country being considered to potentially serve as hospitals, it became clear to us that TCF Center would be an inevitable option to serve as a care facility to satisfy our community’s urgent health needs,” said NAIAS Executive Director Rod Alberts.  Continue reading

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Italian Metalworkers Strike to Halt Non-Essential Production

It is  AutoInformed’s view a clear demonstration of strong support for union appeals both in Lombardy and at the national level, demanding the closing of all non-essential production activities. Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz Offers Medical Component Production

“With our highly competent team and years of experience in 3D printing technology, we are ready to make our contribution to the production of medical devices,” says Jörg Burzer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG. Continue reading

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Ventec Life Systems and GM to Mass Produce Ventilators

Under Trump Administration do-nothing policies that refused until this morning to invoke the Defense Production Act (while criticizing GM? Insiders say that GM was waiting for Government Agency approvals). There are now clearly global back-orders of critical care ventilators capable of supporting patients fighting COVID-19. Nonetheless, companies are adding thousands of units of new capacity with a significantly expanded supply chain capable of supporting high volume production. GM is contributing its resources at cost. Continue reading

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FCA Expands Coronavirus Relief – 1 Million Meals for Kids

FCA said publicly yesterday its plants across the U.S. and Canada, as well as headquarters operations and construction projects, are to remain closed only until 14 April, dependent upon the various states’ stay-in-place orders and the readiness of each facility to return to production. (FCA to Restart of North American Operations?) The UAW is apparently not pleased with the decision that threatens the health and safety of its members. (UAW Balks at Reopening Workplaces) Continue reading

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Bosch Develops Quicker Test for COVID-19

The newly developed test, which apparently has not been certified yet by a major health or regulatory organization, will be available in Germany starting in April, with other markets in Europe and elsewhere to follow at an unknown time in the future. Continue reading

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LMC Automotive Now Projects Double the Decline of the Great Recession in Light Vehicle Sales During 2020

LMC currently is forecasting 2020 global Light Vehicle sales to fall below 77 million units, a decline of nearly 14 million units or -15% from the 2019 level. For comparison, global Light Vehicle sales fell 6 million units from 2007-2009 to 64 million units, a two-year decline of 8.7%, or 4.5% CAGR. Continue reading

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