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Distracted Dining? Buick Adds Yelp

Marketplace, claimed to be the industry’s first in-vehicle commerce platform, is one more way Buick is using connectivity to enhance vehicles and create new and convenient “customer experiences,” if you are willing to give up your privacy and have your personal data sold for the profit of other organizations. Continue reading

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Electrify America to Work with Six California Organizations on Adoption of ZEVs In Low-Income Communities

Electrify America uses definitions for low-income communities (LIC) and disadvantaged communities (DAC) established by the State of California, which are published and mapped by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) on its “Disadvantaged and Low-income Communities Investments” webpage1. Continue reading

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VW Group Quantum Algorithm Cuts Waiting for Passengers

Quantum computers can solve highly complex tasks such as traffic optimization much faster than conventional super-computers; and in some cases, a solution is only possible with quantum computers. For this future-oriented computing technology, Volkswagen sees considerable potential for new applications within the company and new business models. Continue reading

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Gen Eight 911 Undergoing Final Testing

By the time, testing is complete, the cars have been driven around three million kilometers in total. After all of this, every component of the car must function just as reliably as it did at the outset. Continue reading

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Potential Performance Improvement in Energy-Dense Batteries Touted by Toyota

Technologies such as cellphones, laptops, and hybrid and electric cars rely on Li-ion batteries, of course. The configuration of such batteries is predominantly a graphite anode and a cobalt-based material cathode. The electrolyte typically consists of an organic electrolyte that is generally flammable and volatile as numerous vehicle and laptop fires can attest. Continue reading

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Toyota Recalls Scion xA for Sudden Airbag Blowups

The Scion airbag can electrically short and damage the circuits in the system. This could cause the airbag warning lights to illuminate and the airbag(s) and seat belt pretensioner(s) to become deactivated; or it could cause those systems to inadvertently deploy. These conditions can increase the risk of injury or crash.
Continue reading

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Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles Will Help Cure Motion Sickness?

Future Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will be able to tell if you’re feeling unwell and adjust settings to combat motion sickness. This – despite its apparent daftness – might be a good thing for captives of autonomous vehicles. Continue reading

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Hyundai Motor Group Reveals Solar Charging System Technology

Hyundai Motor Group will launch the first generation of this technology into its vehicles after 2019 to help meet global regulations targets and improve vehicle fuel efficiency. Continue reading

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Nishitetsu, Toyota to Test Multi-modal Mobility Service

The so-called my route provides shop and event information while allowing users to search, book, and pay for transport, offering a single mobility-focused application with integrated functions, with the aim of supporting smooth movement in Fukuoka City, helping support “the city’s vibrancy.” Continue reading

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Volvo Cars and Nvidia Deepen Ties

The agreement deepens the existing collaboration and partnership between Volvo Cars and NVIDIA. Last year, the companies started joint development of advanced systems and software for self-driving cars. Adding advanced 360-degree perception capabilities and a driver-monitoring system, the core computer will help Volvo Cars safely introduce fully autonomous cars. Continue reading

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Subaru Sells One-Millionth Eyesight Driver Assist

The driver-assist technology has Pre-Collision Braking and Throttle Management; Adaptive Cruise Control; Lane Departure and Sway Warning; and Lane Keep Assist. All 2018 models equipped with Eyesight received the highest possible rating of “Superior” for front crash prevention from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Continue reading

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Mahindra, Ford Agree on Connected Car, Powertrain Sharing

Both companies “continue to make progress on the remaining MoUs signed earlier this year. This includes leveraging their respective strengths on product development for India and emerging markets, including co-development of compact SUVs and electric vehicles.” Translation: Ford can’t afford to develop EVs on its own. Continue reading

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Gubagoo Announces Virtual Retailing for Auto Dealers to Sell Cars Through Facebook Marketplace

It’s claimed that in less than 30 minutes, customers can build a deal and get approved financing for a vehicle that a dealer has listed on Facebook Marketplace. The buying process is initiated when a person inquires about a vehicle they see on Marketplace by sending a message in Messenger. Once in the conversation, the customer can tap on the “Buy Online” button to calculate payments, value their trade-in, apply rebates, accessories and F&I products, and submit a credit application for online approval – all within Messenger. Continue reading

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Ford Selects Wind River Over-the-Air Update Technology

By creating what’s claimed to be the most minimal differential update possible during OTA updates, this approach offers the potential for cost reductions as well as an allegedly better experience for consumers. Continue reading

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Alliance Ventures Invests in Coord, a US Mobility Data Platform

Application programming interface – API – is a set of tools for MAKING software from defined methods of communication between various components. A strong API makes it easier to develop computer instructions by providing separated pieces, which are then put together by the programmer. Continue reading

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