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Unifor Opens Contract Talks with Detroit Three in Canada

In a refreshing departure from the Trump Administration’s lack of plans for dealing with the pandemic, Unifor said, “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, strict safety protocols will be in place for the duration of the negotiations to ensure compliance with Ontario health directives.” Continue reading

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Nissan to Keep Production and Employment in Spain

The agreement is the result of gritty union actions. After starting indefinite strike on 4 May, unions mobilized a nationwide protest movement against the factory closures. A convoy of Nissan workers traveled across the country to build support for the struggle, and demonstrations were held at Nissan dealerships. Continue reading

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Uber to Acquire Postmates, Cornershop Closing in Days

Postmates has been an early pioneer of “delivery-as-a-service,” which complements Uber’s growing survival efforts in the delivery of groceries, essentials, and other goods. Continue reading

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Unions Protest Nissan Closure of Catalan Factories

The unions claim that in Europe there is a firm commitment to a New Green Deal, with a direct injection of one hundred billion euros and a private contribution of 250,000 million more. An important part will go to sustainable mobility. They feel that Nissan is missing an opportunity to get support for a shift towards electric vehicles, smart driving, and shared mobility. Continue reading

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Renault, Nissan Motor, Mitsubishi Slice, Dice World by Brand

The member companies plan to build on existing Alliance “benefits” in areas such as joint purchasing by using their respective positions and geographic strengths to support their partners’ business development. The three companies of the Alliance will cover all vehicle segments and technologies globally, while increasing their respective competitiveness. By implementing the plan, Nissan aims to achieve a 5% operating profit margin and a sustainable global market share of 6% by the end of fiscal year 2023, including proportionate contributions from its 50% equity joint venture in China. Continue reading

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Two Spanish Nissan Plants on Strike over Job Security

On 14 May, the Nikkei Shimbun published a speculative story on Nissan’s future production strategy. “Nissan in fiscal 2019 produced about 55,000 vehicles in Spain, accounting for about 10% of its European output. It will shift its Barcelona production to Renault plants in France and elsewhere,” said the Nikkei. “Nissan has not made any official statement on this subject. Nissan’s midterm planning is in progress and has not been concluded yet. As announced earlier, Nissan will announce a revised midterm plan along with fiscal year 2019 financial results on May 28,” said a Nissan statement. Continue reading

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CAR Launches Research Exploring the Auto Industry 4.0

The project will also include an investigation into the financial investment and expectations for associated return on investment for companies implementing Industry 4.0 strategies. Continue reading

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Half of Pandemic Layoffs Will Result in Permanent Job Loss

The authors say that even if the crisis is resolved quickly, many pandemic-induced shifts in consumer demand and business will linger. Therefore, they conclude that the reallocation of labor is likely to persist and estimate that 42% of recent pandemic-induced layoffs will result in permanent job loss. Continue reading

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More than 20 Million Jobs Lost in April as ~15% Unemployed

Employment fell sharply in all major industry sectors. There were  particularly heavy job losses in leisure and hospitality where the spread was initially ignored as Washington slept – until people, now former customers stopped traveling or died. This was out of self-preservation as the corpses mounted in non-living color on the news and in statistical counts. It was also the result of some Democratically-controlled states where shelter in place was imposed out of concern for the health of residents and not for the health of the increasingly infected Trump reelection campaign. Continue reading

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Global Unions Want COVID-19 Dubbed Occupational Disease

The global union movement says workers need official recognition of COVID-19 as an occupational disease. Such recognition would ensure the right to worker representation and occupational safety and health (OSH) rights and the application of agreed measures to reduce risk. These rights include the right to refuse to work under unsafe working conditions. This also ensures employers are responsible and liable and that negligent employers are subject to the application of penalties. Continue reading

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TravelCenters of America Lays Off  More than 3000

Most were involved in the restaurants at the truck stops. All furloughed employees currently enrolled in TA’s benefits programs will continue to be eligible for health care coverage based on their plan. Continue reading

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Unions, FCA Sign Agreement on Workplace Health and Safety

The guidelines established focused on “rigorous implementation of government directives aimed at combating the spread of the Covid-19 virus and application of best practices implemented by the Group at its sites around the world.” This presumably applies to the United States where the ‘Do Nothing’ Trump Administration claims that this is a job for the states, not National leadership. Continue reading

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Teamsters, CtW Investment Group Demand Amazon Reveal Workplace Safety Record

The request comes after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allowed Amazon to exclude a shareholder proposal that the two investors had filed to be voted on at the online retailer’s annual meeting of shareholders, scheduled for May 27. It’s the latest example of government agencies suppressing democracy under the current administration. The investors are appealing the SEC’s staff decision to the full Commission today. Continue reading

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UAW Pressure: Ford Further Postpones NA Production Restart

In a duh statement Ford said: “Ford and autoworkers’ unions – especially the UAW – are working closely on initiatives to keep the workforce safe, including upgrading social distancing guidelines, requiring the workers to self-certify daily that they are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms – and more.” Continue reading

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Italian Metalworkers Strike to Halt Non-Essential Production

It is  AutoInformed’s view a clear demonstration of strong support for union appeals both in Lombardy and at the national level, demanding the closing of all non-essential production activities. Continue reading

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