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UAW Strike Cost at GM Builds Substantially with Duration

Previously, the 1998 UAW strike on GM lasted 54 days and cost the automaker $2 billion, which would equate to $3.1 billion in today’s dollars – or over a third of their 2018 net profit. A strike lasting this long has the potential to cost GM 500,000 units in lost production, which would quickly deplete their available inventory. In this situation, GM intenders would ultimately either delay purchases or move to competitor brands, which could result in 100,000 lost US sales in the remainder of this year. Continue reading

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UAW to Strike GM – Contract Talks Deadlocked

The strike does not just involve GM and its suppliers. It has the potential to turn into a national crisis and affect the upcoming presidential election. It could certainly drag in Ford and FCA. At midnight more than 850 Aramark workers in Michigan and Ohio walked off the job over better wages, health care and retirement.The teamsters have yet to be heard from. Continue reading

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Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa Forced Out Over Ghosn Matter

The move comes following a report from the beleaguered company’s Audit Committee that recognizes several instances of misconduct from the findings of the internal investigation that is only partially available publicly in filtered form. On May 14, 2019, Nissan belatedly issued numerous amendments to its past annual securities reports, correcting director compensation figures to reflect the amounts that should originally have been disclosed. Continue reading

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Western European Car Registrations Fall by -8.5%

“We suspect that last month’s strong sales may have been the result of an increased use of self-registrations by dealers and OEMs, ahead of further changes to WLTP regulations which came into effect on 1 September, and we may therefore see some payback in selling rates in the coming months,” says LMC.    Continue reading

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Toyota and Suzuki Enter into Capital Alliance Agreement

Ultimately this is about saving money and sharing the proceeds. The companies will acquire each other’s shares based on the Alliance. Continue reading

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Ten-Month US Budget Deficit Now at $867 billion. $Trillion Deficits Now Certain Under Current Economic Policies

This, gulp,is $184 billion more than the deficit recorded during the same period last year. Revenues were $92 billion higher, and outlays were $276 billion higher than in the same period in fiscal year 2018. So much for Republican lip service that claimed deficits were bad. Continue reading

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Center for Automotive Research: “Puzzle-Piece” Approach Endangered by New-Mobility Ecosystem, Says Alix Partners

The puzzle-piece that automakers and suppliers are historically best at – vehicle architectures, systems and assembly – will be just a part of the overall mobility mosaic. This could mean that legacy players need to be discerning about the partnerships they choose with “the other pieces of the puzzle,” such as technology and MaaS (mobility-as-a-service) companies, or efficient with the investments they make to compete with them, or both, claims AlixPartners’ Mark Wakefield. Continue reading

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Arbitrage, China, Politics, Trump, and BMTS Technology

It seems likely that Euro VII will ultimately spell the end for combustion engines and the start of the move to full electrification, whether hybrid, plug-in hybrid, BEV, then fuel cell vehicles. Continue reading

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Penske Automotive Group Q2 Sales Down as Economy Slows

Penske – in AutoInformed’s view – is a leading indicator of where the auto market is going in the US and UK. The decline in new auto sales with an increase in used auto sales could indicate that the economy – here and globally – is on the verge of a recession. Continue reading

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US Deficit and Government Spending Grow in Q2

Fasten your seat belt it’s going to wild ride. Is that a tropical storm building in the straits of Hormuz? Continue reading

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Magna, BAIC Group and Zhenjiang Government form EV JV

This joint venture, to be controlled by an affiliate of the BAIC Group, represents Magna’s first investment in a complete vehicle manufacturing facility outside Europe. It will combine Magna’s unique complete vehicle engineering and manufacturing expertise and BAIC’s local manufacturing, marketing and distribution footprint to support electric mobility in China. The facility has the capacity of up to 180,000 vehicles per year. Continue reading

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Facebook to Pay $100m for Misleading Investors on Risks from Misuse of User Data Helping Russian Attacks on US Democracy

According to the SEC’s complaint, in 2014 and 2015, the now-defunct advertising and data analytics company, Cambridge Analytica, paid an academic researcher, through a company he controlled, to collect and transfer data from Facebook to create personality scores for approximately 30 million Americans.  Continue reading

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Volkswagen Joins Ford by Investing in Argo AI

Citing improved competitiveness, cost and capital efficiencies, as well as quicker time to a yet unknown, nebulous market, Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess and Ford President and CEO Jim Hackett shared a stage for a discussion about a move that could make or break one or both companies. The alliance, which covers collaborations outside of Volkswagen and Ford’s joint investments in Argo AI, does not entail cross-ownership between the two companies and is independent from the investment into Argo AI. Continue reading

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Fourth of July 2019 – Time to Rid Ourselves of Despots Again

Some – but not enough of us – are marching once again in the spirit of 1776. We need once again to rid ourselves of what has evolved into a ruling class of our own home-grown tyrants, bigots, racists and traitors who collude with other oppressive, anti-American governments. We have progressed from 2.5 million people to more than 325 million with a gross domestic product of more than $19 trillion – an unimaginable number of teabags for a protest not to clutter Boston Harbor, but the halls of Congress today. Continue reading

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Traffic Jam – Record 48.9m Independence Day Travel

Overall travel volume for the holiday is expected to rise 4.1% over last year, with an additional 1.9 million people planning road trips and other vacations to celebrate America’s birthday. Continue reading

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