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Software Lightens Hardware

The new design technology provides significantly more vehicle mass reduction and parts consolidation opportunities that – it’s said – cannot be achieved through traditional design optimization methods. Continue reading

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U.S. Memorial Day Travel Primed to be a Near Record

INRIX, an analytics company, expects travel delays on major roads could be up to three times longer than normal, with the busiest days being Thursday and Friday (May 24-25) as commuters mix with holiday travelers. Continue reading

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Failing Grade for Ford Motor Q1 Earnings

This promised 8% Automotive Operating Margin is normally obtained or surpassed by offshore automakers year in, year out. It gets worse when you consider Ford Motor costs have grown as fast as revenue; Grimmer still when capital spending has grown even faster. Continue reading

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Fewer Believe the Internet is Positive for Society

Those who were less positive offer a wider range of reasons. No single issue stands out. Some 25% of those who gave less-positive answers argued that the internet isolates people and encourages users to spend too much time with devices. Some 16% said the prevalence of fake news or false information was the reason for their belief that the internet was having a negative impact; 14% cited the effect of the internet on children, and 13% argued that it encouraged illegal activity. Just 5% expressed privacy concerns or worries about sensitive information being available online. Continue reading

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Diesel Truck Brokers Busted in California

Diesel trucks are among California’s biggest sources of air pollution. Because they are so durable, they can operate for decades and belch significant amounts of diesel pollution along the way. Continue reading

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Genesis Launches G70 Sedan in Russia

The trade wars – ongoing negotiations, threats and reversals of Trump Administration hard-line positions – sometimes within day – may or may not affect the Russian car market. Add the North Korean nuclear weapons standoff with the U.S. – a major Hyundai and Kia market – along with The Trump Administration’s withdrawal from the trans-Pacific trade pact, and a stalemate or checkmate against Hyundai in multiple markets is possible. Continue reading

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50 Mayors, 11 States to Defend +50 MPG CAFE Standard

In a statement like the American Revolution’s Declaration of Independence, local leaders are rejecting a corrupt central government out of touch with the people – one that instead is beholden to special interests, big oil, and big money for campaigns to keep the corruption and tyranny ongoing. Continue reading

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Monthly Sales Reports Die as GM Shifts to Quarterly Updates

“Thirty days is not enough time to separate real sales trends from short-term fluctuations in a very dynamic, highly competitive market,” said Kurt McNeil, U.S. vice president, Sales Operations. Continue reading

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Republicans Starting to Like Putin. Treason over Patriotism?

By January 2017, after the presidential election, Democrats had become far more likely than Republicans to view Russia as a threat – though views have changed little since then. Pew does not express a view on Russian tampering with American Democratic processes. Continue reading

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US Tariffs At or Near Lowest Levels Ever

During 2017, says the U.S. International Trade Commission, import duties totaled $33.1 billion – equal to 1.4% of the total value of all imported goods, and 4.7% of the value of all imports subject to duty. Most imported goods carry no duty at all. Continue reading

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Ford Proxy – Shareholders Want Political Spending Info

Herein lies the potential hypocrisy problem: In 2012, the U.S. issued light duty vehicle rules strengthening GHG emission reduction standards and improving corporate average fuel economy. These rules – made working with automakers – are being challenged by Ford and other automakers. Continue reading

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Bedfellow Alert! Toyota and Suzuki in India

Since February 6, 2017, when Toyota and Suzuki concluded a memorandum toward business partnership, the two companies have been exploring projects for collaboration. Continue reading

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Japan Inc – ANA and HondaJet

ANA was founded in 1952 with two helicopters and has become one of the most significant airlines in Asia, operating 85 international routes and 116 domestic routes. Continue reading

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BMW, Daimler Combine Mobility Services for Survival

The new front in the transportation of the future fight in cities and mini-cities will be soldiered by CarSharing, Ride-Hailing, Parking, Charging and Multimodality troops. Each company will hold a 50% stake in a joint-venture made from both companies’ current mobility services. It is alleged that the two companies will remain competitors in their respective core businesses, something the capital markets and ultimately customers will weigh in on. Continue reading

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Ford Out of Car Biz? 2019 Fusion Debuts in New York

What else to do when the stock is languishing or comatose on Wall Street at ~$10-12 a share after eight straight years of expanding U.S. vehicle sales. Continue reading

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