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Light Vehicle Sales Strong in February But Down YoY

Utility segments should top the industry again, with projected growth for the compact and mid-size SUV segments in the 2 to 5% range. The market for SUVs remains strong. Light trucks are expected to make up 63% of sales in February 2017, up from 59% one year ago. Continue reading

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Drones – FAA Releases Updated Sighting Reports

After heavy criticism by Congress about ignoring the threat to public safety and the lack of oversight by the agency responsible for airspace, as well as missed deadlines to do its regulatory job, the so-called Registration Task Force delivered recommendations to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta and Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx on November 2015. The thorniest details other than registration – the actual regulations -have yet to be worked out. Continue reading

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Trumped? Hyundai Motor Names David S. Kim as Lobbyist

Kim also served as Deputy Assistant for Congressional Affairs at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. Hyundai of course has a lot to lose if Trump can get a border tax through Congress even though it has a manufacturing presence in the U.S. Continue reading

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Meeting: IG Metall, Opel Works Council, PSA Group on GM Selling Opel/Vauxhall

There is, of course, a large amount of ceremonial ritual about takeovers. The acquired are treated differently once they are in the harem. Remember the merger of equals between Chrysler and Daimler, when Daimler basically took over the company and stripping assets on the way. Beijing Jeep in the world’s largest car market is now building Mercedes-Benz models. Continue reading

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Jaguar Land Rover Largest Automaker in Britain

How this works out under Brexit rains to be seen. The importance of the UK market varies substantially for different automakers. Jaguar Land Rover, Honda and Ford have “strong exposure to risks,” says LMC. Continue reading

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Is Automotive Brand Loyalty Real?

The latest study about auto brand loyalty in the UK says that consumers are habitual buyers, except when it comes to the make of car. The survey of 1,000 UK consumers, revealed that for their next purchase an overwhelming majority of used (81%) and new (76%) car buyers would choose the same type – used or new – of vehicle again. Continue reading

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Robert Bosch Invests in TetraVue for Lidar Skills

In theory, TetraVue’s expertise helps to address challenges with automated vehicles encountering unexpected and dangerous obstacles during operation. TetraVue’s core technology differentiation is claimed to be their patented “light slicer” technology, which uses time and distance measurements to find optical intensities using standard CMOS sensors. Continue reading

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Maven Expands Los Angeles Car Sharing with Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt EV, with an EPA-estimated range of 238 miles, has launched in Los Angeles in Maven City car sharing and the Lyft Express Drive program. Maven supplies vehicles for Lyft’s Express Drive program, providing Lyft drivers with access to weekly rentals of GM vehicles in some cities. Continue reading

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Win, Win? GM to Sell Opel to PSA

The combined volume of the groups could exceed current second-placed Renault-Nissan but would still be well short of market leader VW group. Continue reading

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Affordable Used Vehicles Becoming Scarce

For consumers considering trading in older used vehicles, 2017 could be the time. The latest study predicts a record number of off-lease vehicles will fill dealer lots and that a declining number of older trade-ins will put significant upward pressure on the late model used market this year. Continue reading

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General Motors to Sell Opel Vauxhall and Leave Europe?

If the PSA deal goes through, it would mean GM’s presence in Europe would be limited to niche sales of Cadillac, and Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette models – all of them exports. Continue reading

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EPA – Cruze Diesel Sedan 52 MPG Highway

Given the Volkswagen dieselgate scandal, a large question remains about its sales potential. Even in Europe with subsidized fuel prices diesel sales are dropping. In the U.S. hybrids and super-efficient gasoline powered vehicles rule the roads. Continue reading

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Top Ten Future Collectible Cars in 2017 Production

Ten vehicles in production by automakers stand out as the likeliest to grow in value and appeal as collectible cars to enthusiasts, claims Haggerty. Continue reading

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Pacifica Family Vehicle of Year – Midwest Auto Media Assn

As the original creator of the minivan more than 30 years ago, FCA US claims 78 firsts or innovations through the first five minivan generations. With the introduction of the all-new Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid, FCA adds 37 minivan firsts to its portfolio for a total of 115 innovations in the segment – including the industry’s first minivan available as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and the only seven seat hybrid. in existence. Continue reading

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Maven Launches City Car Sharing in Atlanta

The growth is impressive and part of a growing trend that threatens the traditional auto industry business model Continue reading

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