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FAW To Enter EU with a Luxury Electric SUV – Hongqi E-HS9

FAW Hongqi is a premium manufacturer of passenger vehicles with a time-honored history in China as First Auto Works – established in 1953 under a communist 5-year plan and initially making Russian trucks. FAW became China’s first automobile manufacturer when it unveiled the nation’s first domestically produced passenger car, the Hong Qi, in 1958. Continue reading

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COVID Changes – Digital Auto Lending Infected

“The pandemic has severely disrupted dealer-lender communication, with many dealers reporting that lenders were delayed or not available when they needed them, or not able to assist in a timely manner,” said Patrick Roosenberg, director of automotive finance intelligence at J.D. Power. This of course begs the question of there’s another solution – such as borrowers dealing directly digitally with lenders, which will eliminate a lucrative profit center at dealerships. Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence Will Bring Scooter Riding to Bike Lanes?

The micro-mobility part of Ford Motor Company claims Spin Insight Level 2 with Drover AI’s computer vision and machine learning platform, equips Spin’s vehicles with a camera, an array of sensors, and on-board computing power. Spin claims Drover’s technology is highly adaptive and easily scaled to new environments, allowing an e-scooter to” understand its surroundings in real time and assist riders in making safe riding decisions.” Not a word was mentioned of potential privacy or legal issues or who owns the customer data produced and how it will be used. Future capabilities planned include detecting wrong-way riding, adjusting vehicle speed based on riding conditions, and collision warnings. Continue reading

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EU – Truck Makers Agree to Be Fossil Fuel Less By 2040

This is a bold move considering that ~97% of new European trucks sold are powered with diesel engines. It also underscores a growing movement of citizen voters who hold corporations accountable for negative social effects produced by their goods and services. The incoming President Biden Administration has promised to address environmental issues mocked by loser Trump and has already said it will rejoin l’accord de Paris. This agreement is within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), dealing with greenhouse-gas-emissions mitigation. AutoInformed thinks that it is only a question of time before a similar deal is put in place in the US. Continue reading

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US Cuts Deal with UAW Union on Reform, Corruption and Fraud

In a partial UAW victory, the civil lawsuit was not filed pursuant to the federal anti-racketeering RICO law because the investigation by the United States did not uncover any involvement by organized crime or the mafia in the operations of the UAW. Instead, the civil complaint sets forth in detail a series of corrupt and fraudulent acts by former officers and board members of the UAW, as well as executives of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. GM’s RICO lawsuit against FCA is ongoing. Continue reading

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Ford Future Trends – Younger Gen Less Resilient than Older

Younger generations have taken it harder than their older peers: 63% of Gen Zers say adapting has been harder than they imagined, vs. 42% of Boomers who say the same. How these attitudes will influence the world in 2021 and beyond is unknown. Continue reading

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Pulse Weakening on Small Businesses

38.7% of U.S. small businesses have experienced a decrease in operating revenue in the last week. From responses collected 11/9 – 11/15, this statistic was 33.4% Continue reading

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Barrett-Jackson Flagship Scottsdale Auction Adrift to ???

Barrett-Jackson did not respond to a request about data supporting claims of safety. It is unknown if any pre-testing, monitoring, post auction testing or, if needed contact tracing, were done on the workers or attendees involved in the October auction. Continue reading

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CARB Regulation Limits Chemical Refrigerants to Lower Levels

The refrigerants, known as hydrofluorocarbons or HFCs, are super pollutants because they trap heat in the atmosphere thousands of times more effectively than carbon dioxide, the most prevalent greenhouse gas. These rules can serve as a national model for super pollutant reduction and come at a time when the newly elected Biden Administration is promising to do something about Global Warming after years of Republican resistance or malfeasance. Continue reading

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English Covid Crisis Reigns. November Auto Sales Drop 27.4%

During November when showrooms across England had to close due to new lockdown restrictions, the industry recorded 113,781 new registrations, taking trade back to levels last seen during the 2008 Great Recession. Continue reading

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A Grim Covid Reaper Lurks as November US Auto Sales Drop

New light-vehicle sales fell to 1.19 million light vehicles in November – a likely foreshadowing of things to come as the Covid virus runs rampant in the US in a surge of the waning days of the Trump Administration, which ignored the crisis with the result it lost a reelection. One American is now dying every 34 seconds, unemployment is rising, and an earlier Covid federal relief package expires at the end of December meaning extended unemployment benefits and help for small businesses will evaporate as millions will face evictions. Continue reading

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Whether US Vehicle Sales in 2021? Is 14 Million a Stretch?

AutoInformed puts it to you thus: This is the market price of failed ideologies grimly held by blind true-believers who ignore real data-backed consequences, scientists, epidemiologists, economists and political scientists to their own detriment – if not indeed their own self destruction. Continue reading

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J.D. Power Completes ALG Acquisition

The money involved right now is breathtaking. Determining an accurate residual value –  the value of a vehicle at the end of a lease term is the underpinning of auto leasing because it allows dealers and manufacturers to set the most competitive lease terms today, while protecting their profits tomorrow. About one-third of new vehicles sold each year are leased, typically for a three-year term. At any point in time, the value of vehicles in outstanding lease portfolios is estimated at $500 billion by Power. Continue reading

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Mazda to Buy Out Sumitomo from MMVO, a JV Plant in Mexico

Given the ongoing effects of soon-to-be ex-president Trump’s losing trade wars with Canada, Mexico, China and Japan, among other nations, and the uncertainty around provisions of a new trade agreement now called USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement), Mazda remains at risk on multiple fronts. The new Agreement went into effect, with no apparent enforcement, started on July 1, 2020. The U.S. Congress has still not ratified it. Continue reading

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Trump Covid Casualties – State Sales Tax Collections Dive

Raising taxes on the middle class is not a viable option. A federal bailout or large assistance program for states appears likely. Senate Majority leader McConnell – aka Moscow Mitch – has a sure-fire way to create another great depression – let the states go bankrupt while Trump eats cake- and crow in Mira Largo. Continue reading

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