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November Used Vehicle Prices Drop for Third Month

Some of the worst losses are in the luxury mid-size car segment, which has seen steady year-over-year declines since 2012. Prices for this segment are expected to decline by more than 7% annually. Continue reading

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Car Rental Rate Holiday Rip-Offs

Travelers in need of a rental car in Seattle this Christmas will pay a lot more than usual. According to a new survey from, rental car rates have nearly quadrupled in the city for the holidays. Continue reading

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2018 Auto Retail Sales Down. Transaction Prices Set Record

“Despite retail sales falling for the sixth consecutive month, the continued growth in transaction prices is allowing manufacturers to offset lower sales with higher revenue,” claims Thomas King, Senior Vice President of the Data and Analytics Division at J.D. Power. “Consumers are on pace to spend nearly $45 billion on autos in December, up 1% from last year and the highest level ever recorded.” Continue reading

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Subaru, Land Rover Win ALG Residual Value Awards

The awards will be presented to automakers this week at Automobility LA. ALG has been publishing residual values for all cars, trucks and SUVs in the U.S. for more than 50 years and in Canada since 1981. Continue reading

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Automobility LA – Fast EV Charging Network Plugged and Supported by Volkswagen Subsidiary Electrify America

However, industry observers note that there isn’t a clear focus in the U.S. to create an open electric vehicle charging network. In fact, the grid is to varying degrees populated by self-interested players in for a buck – as in charges via fees – and not necessarily for creating or sustaining potential consumer demands and expectations for convenience, reliability and speed. It’s true that these might ultimately become benefits, but one need only recall Enron* and its history with utility companies and how that worked out for consumers. Continue reading

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U.S. Used Vehicle Prices Drop for Second Consecutive Month

While not a discernible trend yet, it’s another warning that the auto market could be headed for a downturn. Continue reading

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GM Q3 Profits Ambush Analysts – Income $2.5 Billion EBIT

GM reported $2.5 billion in profits today at $1.75 per share, way beyond hapless analyst projections of $1.25 per-share earnings. Continue reading

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Consumers Can Save up to $3,000 on Auto Loan Packages?

In 2017, Americans spent $568.6 billion in auto loans1, yet 60 percent of buyers don’t know they can bring their own financing to the dealership. The company’s new Outside Financial (OF) Markup Index* reveals that, on average, new car buyers are charged $1,717 in hidden markups when arranging their loans through a dealer. Continue reading

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Variables Abound – Meet the New NAFTA

AutoInformed agrees that the text offers greater certainty about the future of North American automotive production, trade, and investments, the USMCA still must be signed, ratified, and the enabling legislation must be passed in each of the three countries before the agreement can go into effect on the target date of 1 January 2020. It’s by no means a sure bet. Continue reading

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Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for All U.S. Employees

More than 250,000 Amazon employees, as well as more than 100,000 seasonal holiday employees, and their families will benefit from the new, higher pay. Amazon’s public policy team will also begin advocating for an increase in the federal minimum wage so that it remains competitive at the bottom of the labor market. Continue reading

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Genesis 2019 G70 – $48,000 Four Cylinder?

G70s equipped with the 2.0T four-cylinder engine are available in six semi-confusing trim levels, including a special manual transmission Sport package, with a starting price of ~$36,000. The G70s equipped with the 3.3T engine are available in four trim levels, plus two limited production – either by sparse sales or maker decree – Special Edition models, with a starting price of more than $44,000. You can spend roughly $55,000 on a plush Genesis model. Sales numbers will decide if the pricing strategy is too ambitious. Continue reading

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2019 Lexus UX – Another Compact Crossover

The 2019 UX is available in two versions: the front-wheel-drive UX 200 introduces a new high-efficiency 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine coupled with a new 10-speed Direct Shift Continuously Variable Transmission (DCVT). The all-wheel-drive UX 250h pairs an even higher-efficiency version of the 2.0-liter gas engine with a new fourth-generation hybrid drive system engineered specifically for this platform. It’s a soccer moms’ special. Continue reading

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Auto Workers Oppose Trump Tariffs that Would Destroy Jobs

The United States directly benefits from GM’s ability to maintain a competitive edge and maximize the effectiveness of our operations on a global scale. The majority of the profits we earn from our global production and sales come back to the United States to support jobs, investments in our plants, and advanced R&D. Continue reading

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US Tariffs At or Near Lowest Levels Ever

During 2017, says the U.S. International Trade Commission, import duties totaled $33.1 billion – equal to 1.4% of the total value of all imported goods, and 4.7% of the value of all imports subject to duty. Most imported goods carry no duty at all. Continue reading

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2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio $80,000+!

Assembled by Alfa Romeo workers at the Cassino plant in Italy, the all-new 2018 Stelvio is claimed to be a premium mid-size SUV for driving enthusiasts that stands out in one of the largest and fastest growing segments in the U.S., and as noted globally. Continue reading

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