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Hyundai Motor Links to UAV Startup Top Flight

The Boston-based startup and Korean Hyundai will “explore ways to accelerate the commercial application and deployment of UAVs across various sectors and markets. Joint efforts will extend to seeking new business opportunities around UAVs, using Top Flight’s patented hybrid-electric power system. The global UAV (aka ‘drones’) market, is growing at a fast pace, expected to garner $22.1 billion by 2026. Continue reading

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Daimler and Bosch Target San José for Automated Ride-Hailing

Daimler, Bosch and San José have signed a memorandum of understanding to pursue this test. Using automated Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicles, Daimler will offer the service to a selected users in the San Carlos/Stevens Creek corridor between downtown and west San José. With its population expected to grow 40% in the next two decades, the metropolitan area faces growing transportation challenges. Continue reading

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Ford Buys E-Scooter Company Spin

Spin is the latest move by Ford in the so-called “mobility space,” as the company attempts to build businesses that will help its poor operational and stock performance. Some company or companies – and it is an open and ever-expanding field – will provide mobility businesses to help customers get places more easily, more quickly and, allegedly, less expensively. Continue reading

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Distracted Dining? Buick Adds Yelp

Marketplace, claimed to be the industry’s first in-vehicle commerce platform, is one more way Buick is using connectivity to enhance vehicles and create new and convenient “customer experiences,” if you are willing to give up your privacy and have your personal data sold for the profit of other organizations. Continue reading

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VW Group Quantum Algorithm Cuts Waiting for Passengers

Quantum computers can solve highly complex tasks such as traffic optimization much faster than conventional super-computers; and in some cases, a solution is only possible with quantum computers. For this future-oriented computing technology, Volkswagen sees considerable potential for new applications within the company and new business models. Continue reading

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Toyota 6 Month Financial Results – $11.29 Billion Net Income

Once again Toyota proved its operating prowess, which consistently place it in the running for the largest and mot profitable automaker in the world as it transforms itself into a mobility company to be reckoned with. Continue reading

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