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UAW Strike Cost at GM Builds Substantially with Duration

Previously, the 1998 UAW strike on GM lasted 54 days and cost the automaker $2 billion, which would equate to $3.1 billion in today’s dollars – or over a third of their 2018 net profit. A strike lasting this long has the potential to cost GM 500,000 units in lost production, which would quickly deplete their available inventory. In this situation, GM intenders would ultimately either delay purchases or move to competitor brands, which could result in 100,000 lost US sales in the remainder of this year. Continue reading

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Sonic Financial Takes Over Speedway Motorsports

Sonic Financial intends “to promptly complete the acquisition of all shares of Speedway Motorsports through a merger of Speedway Motorsports and a subsidiary of Sonic Financial, without a vote of Speedway Motorsports stockholders, in accordance with Delaware law.” Continue reading

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Ford Recalls 311,907 Explorer SUVs for Dangerous Seat Frames

It took 31 reports of hand injuries before Ford acted on replacing the dangerous part. This is the seventh safety defect recall – thus far – on the 2017 model Explorer. Continue reading

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Electric Vehicle Charging Emissions – Good and Better?

As more renewable energy gets added to traditionally fossil-fueled power grids, real-time emissions rates are increasingly exhibiting large swings from clean to dirty and vice versa from one moment to the next. This is a well-known and classic EV problem. They are in fact Elsewhere Emissions Vehicles. Continue reading

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Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa Forced Out Over Ghosn Matter

The move comes following a report from the beleaguered company’s Audit Committee that recognizes several instances of misconduct from the findings of the internal investigation that is only partially available publicly in filtered form. On May 14, 2019, Nissan belatedly issued numerous amendments to its past annual securities reports, correcting director compensation figures to reflect the amounts that should originally have been disclosed. Continue reading

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Western European Car Registrations Fall by -8.5%

“We suspect that last month’s strong sales may have been the result of an increased use of self-registrations by dealers and OEMs, ahead of further changes to WLTP regulations which came into effect on 1 September, and we may therefore see some payback in selling rates in the coming months,” says LMC.    Continue reading

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Volkswagen Deal on Bogus Gasoline Fuel Economy Ratings

The settlement in Volkswagen’s view removes the uncertainty of protracted litigation and does not include any admission of liability or wrongdoing by Volkswagen. AutoInformed thinks that VW is buying off lawyers in a case that is similar to  – if not identical – the calculated fraud of Dieselgate where it was flagrantly guilty. The Environmental Protection Agency has not agreed to the deal. Continue reading

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Ferdinand Piëch – German Autocrat, Industrialist – Dead at 82

Porsche’s attempt to take over Volkswagen Group, ironically, ultimately resulted in exactly the opposite with Volkswagen Group swallowing the performance vehicle maker whole when the leveraged funds of the pursuer ran into the brick wall of the Great Recession and margin calls in 2009. Continue reading

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California Climate Investments  – $900 Million in Projects

After two of California’s worst fire seasons on record, California Climate Investments is helping to pay for nearly 70 forest-health and wildfire-prevention projects, including many forest-adjacent communities in the wildland-urban interface.  Continue reading

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July Global Vehicles Sales Drop More Than 3M

Consumers appear to be choosing to save instead of spending amid global uncertainty. Continue reading

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Carvana Launches First Vending Machine in California

Customers that choose to pick up their vehicle at the Car Vending Machine are greeted by a Customer Advocate and receive a commemorative, oversized Carvana coin to activate the fully automated vending process, taking only minutes to complete the transaction compared to hours spent at the dealership. Continue reading

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EV Charging Stations Surpass Fuel Stations in UK

n fewer less than 100 years since the UK’s first petrol pump was installed there are now ~1,000 more public places to charge electric cars than there are forecourts to pump petrol – 9,300 EV charging locations compared to 8,400 fuel stations. Continue reading

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FCA Q2 Earnings – Net profit at €0.8B. Trouble Ahead?

With the first financial results since an attempt to merge with France’s Renault, FCA said its adjusted earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) would top last year’s 6.7 billion euros ($7.5 billion). It also said it continues the quest for partners. Previously it promised to deliver 2020 adjusted earnings before interest and tax (EBIT), excluding the Magneti Marelli unit it sold,  of €9.2-10.4 billion. Continue reading

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Eaton Links with KPIT on Electrified Mobility Technologies

In March 2018, Eaton announced the formation of its eMobility business unit for electrified vehicles. The eMobility business works in three primary areas for both automotive and commercial vehicle customers: intelligent power electronics, power systems, and advanced power distribution and circuit protection. Continue reading

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Mulliner Completely Re-Creates 1939 Bentley Corniche

The original Corniche was lost in France in 1939 at the outbreak of World War II. It was extensively damaged in a traffic accident whilst undergoing road tests in France in August 1939. Sent for repairs, the chassis made it home to the Bentley plant in Derby, but the bodywork was destroyed in a bombing raid on Dieppe later in 1939 and was never seen again. Continue reading

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