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Truck Sales Can’t Pick Up Slack from Sliding May Car Sales

While trucks are hot, up 6% from a year ago, May car sales are not at, -9.3%, a continuing negative trend. The seasonally adjusted annual rate (aka SAAR) in the U.S. for May 2017 was 16.66 million units sold, a significant slide from 17.17 million units a year ago. Total light vehicle sales declined -0.5% compared to last May despite inexpensive fuels and low interest rates. Continue reading

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Automotive CX Summit – Dual Style to Customer Development?

“People liked going into the Apple Store, they liked to go somewhere to talk to a person face-to-face for support or to explain something. this is complex technology, it strikes me that’s the analogy the [automotive] industry should look at and say, “Ah-ha,” Munzel told AutoInformed during a phone interview. Continue reading

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Canada Moves Ahead on Fuel Cell Vehicles

The Ride-n-Drive coincides with Canada’s hosting of the United Nations World Environment Day and Canada’s Environment week, “in the spirit of raising awareness of the substantial environmental benefits of zero-emission FCEVs powered by hydrogen.” Continue reading

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GM Shareholders Reject Greenlight Overwhelmingly

Shareholders of General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) have elected all 11 of GM’s Board nominees with preliminary results also showing that shareholders have rejected Greenlight’s proposal to create a dual-class common stock structure. Continue reading

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Lawsuit Claims Emissions Cheating in GM Duramax Diesels

The suit also names Bosch as a defendant, adding that “GM did not act alone.” Bosch developed, manufactured, and tested the Electronic Diesel Control unit that allowed GM to implement the defeat devices, according to the suit. Bosch control units are found in almost all the vehicles found or alleged to have been manipulating emissions, including Mercedes, Fiat Chrysler and Chevrolet. Continue reading

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US v Fiat Chrysler on Diesel Emissions Defeat Devices

The complaint alleges that the undisclosed software functions cause the vehicles’ emission control systems to perform differently, and less effectively, during certain normal driving conditions than on federal emission tests, resulting in increased emissions of harmful air pollutants. In other words, Volkswagen – the American-Italian sequel. Continue reading

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Milestones – One Millionth Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 arguably created a new category and remains a premium sports car despite its rear engine design – that critics pointed out was like a trying to throw a dart backwards at high speeds. Continue reading

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WEC – Porsche 919 Hybrid on Pole in Spa. Toyota Faster

Qualifying, took place in cool, dry conditions. For the six-hour race on Saturday, raising temperatures and sunshine are forecast. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Virtual Annual Meeting Dumps Personal Contact

Executives will thereby be insulated from stockholders and not subject to photographs. There will be no media access. Continue reading

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GM Rebuffs Pending Greenlight Director Nominations

“Greenlight’s candidates were nominated specifically to advance Greenlight’s dual-class stock plan, which GM’s Board views as high-risk and detrimental to the long-term best interests of GM and its shareholders. Continue reading

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April Showers – U.S. Auto Sales Drop Yet Again

Of note is President Trump’s belligerent attitude toward North Korea and his disdain for trade agreements, which puts South Korean based Hyundai and Kia – clearly in the sights of two military powers. Continue reading

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GM Reports 2017 Q1 Net Income of $2.6 Billion – up +33.5%

During the first quarter, GM delivered globally 2,343,773 vehicles, -34,261 or -1.4%. In the U.S., it delivered 689,521 total vehicles, with a 16% increase in crossover deliveries and a 3% increase in truck deliveries. However, truck and SUVs are not resulting in incremental sales but rather hurting the sales of cars. Continue reading

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Toyota to Use Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Zero Emission Trucking

The Project Portal platform is designed to provide the target performance required to support port drayage operations. The truck generates more than 670 horsepower and 1325 pound feet of torque from two Mirai fuel cell stacks and a 12kWh battery, in what appears to be a small battery to support class 8 loads. The concept’s gross combined weight capacity is 80,000 pounds and its estimated driving range is more than 200 miles, under normal operation. Continue reading

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Silverstone: Toyota Beats Porsche. Chan Racing Wins LMP2. Ford Bests Ferrari, Porsche in GT Pro. Ferrari takes GT Am

The race – pure England at this time of year (or any time) – was run under mixed weather conditions, forcing teams to choose between tires – slicks, so-called intermediates or rain rubber in changing conditions that forced drivers to extract the best performance out of the world’s most exciting racing machines. Continue reading

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New Car Dealership Employment Sets Record in 2016

“Total dealership employment has consistently risen every year since the Great Recession,” said NADA Chief Economist Steven Szakaly. “In addition, hundreds of thousands of other local jobs are dependent on dealerships.” Continue reading

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