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GM and Isuzu  Diesel JV Coming at New Ohio Plant

Heavy-duty trucks comprise 25% of full-size pickup sales in the U.S. The all-new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HDs are expected to create GM growth in the HD pickup segment.  Continue reading

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Capital Punishment Day for Auto Workers at Daimler

Personnel costs will drop by the  end of 2022 as Mercedes-Benz Cars plans to save more than €1 billion in personnel costs. Jobs will be cut in both management and “indirect areas.” Continue reading

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Nissan Motor Net Income Dives -73.5% to 65.4 Billion Yen

First half net income1 decreased by, gulp, 73.5% to 65.4 billion yen. Continue reading

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FCA + PSA = Massive Job Losses

For enthusiasts as well a workers there are other threats. How about a spin-off FCA’s expensive low-return Alfa Romeo/Maserati operations? Simple math here: It would provide funds for the new FCA-PSA group while improving its utilization rate. Continue reading

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General Motors Q3 Earnings Hit Hard – $1.3B – by UAW Strike

GM said it would not be able to makeup lost production and revenue losses this year. About two weeks of vehicle production was lost. GM predicts the 2019 calendar-year impact of the strike to be approximately -$2.00 per diluted-share. Continue reading

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Another Weird and Wacky Tokyo Motor Show to Open

The theme for this year’s show, “Open Future,” is expanded beyond automobiles, motorcycles and commercial vehicles and auto-related displays. It broadens to include developments (and rentals) from other industries. In short, the traditional auto show as we know it is no longer sustainable. Continue reading

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Group Renault Debuts Hydrogen in Light Commercial Vehicles

The hydrogen fuel cell provides the additional energy for up to 3 times more range than 100% electric vehicles, with a charging time of only 5 to 10 minutes. However, the crucial WLTP emission certification is not yet completed. Automakers in the EU – and ultimately globally – are being forced to offer zero-emission vehicles to comply with new regulations to cut emissions. The current preferred choice, of course, is a battery-electric hybrid system. Toyota and Hyundai sell hydrogen light-commercial vehicles. Continue reading

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September New Passenger Car Registrations Up in European Union, But Trend is Downward

During the first nine months of 2019, EU new car registrations were down 1.6% compared to the same period the year before. Despite demand recovering across the European Union in September, Germany (+2.5%) was the only major market to post positive results so far this year. Spain (‐7.4%) saw the strongest drop, followed by the United Kingdom (‐2.5%), Italy (‐1.6%) and France (‐1.3%). Continue reading

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Global Light Vehicle Sales Fall Again in September

The selling rate drop in September seems partly the result of further changes to the WLTP** emissions testing in Europe, which may have pulled sales forward to August, at the expense of September. In China, LV sales dropped once again. Unfavorable calendar effects thwarted any chance of YoY growth in the US, even though the selling rate was good. Continue reading

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CAR – Estimated Costs of the UAW-GM Strike are Low

CAR estimates the U.S. employment multiplier for UAW-GM jobs is 11.5.This means that when UAW-GM workers are at work producing vehicles, engines, transmissions, stampings, parts, and components, every UAW-GM job supports 10.5 other jobs in the U.S. economy, with 3.2 of those jobs in the production-focused U.S. supplier sector.
Continue reading

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Ford Motor Company Q4 Dividend Declared at 15 Cents

The Board of Directors of Ford Motor Company today declared a fourth quarter regular dividend of $0.15 per share on the company’s outstanding Class B and common stock. It is currently trading at ~$9.50 (7% yield), with a 52-week range of $7.41 – $10.56. Continue reading

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Western European Passenger Car Sales Weak

The introduction of WLTP in September 2018 distorted the market in August and September last year, with a high base effect in August and a low base effect for September as it became clear that diesels were dirty and not meeting emission standards. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Issues Two Safety Recalls, Expands a Previous One

Ford Motor Company issued two safety recalls in North America yesterday and amended safety compliance recall 19C07 to expand the number of suspect vehicles. Continue reading

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FCA US Q3 Sales Flat at 565,000

FCA touted three sales records for the third quarter as buyer bought or leased premium technology and interior upgrades on heavy-duty trucks. Continue reading

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Strike Crippled General Motors Q3 US Sales Up 6%

General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) dealerships delivered 738,638 vehicles in the United States in the third quarter of 2019, an increase of 6.3% compared to the third quarter of 2018. GM’s fleet mix of total sales was 19.5 %, down 0.3%, year over year. End of September inventory was 759,633 units. Thus far the GM UAW strike has had little effect on sales. Continue reading

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