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We the People Welcome Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – The New Administration of Hope and Self-Evident Truths

The idea was bigger and more powerful than the British Army and Navy. It remains a bigger and better idea when used against other forces of oppression. The idea trumps white supremacists or treasonous self-proclaimed militias or QAnon believers or a  president who would be king. Continue reading

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Honda’s New Mobility Business – Cruise to Send First Self-Driving Vehicles to Japan for Testing

This, admittedly small but symbolic milestones, is a direct result of the development and commercial agreements signed in October 2018. Continue reading

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Stellantis – a Mega Merger of Auto Companies Names Execs

Today Stellantis officially announced its Executive Team along with the 9 dedicated committees* covering enterprise-wide performance and strategy for running the merged FCA and PSA companies. It is the latest merger in the capital-destroying automotive industry that seeks to pursue … Continue reading

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Latest Ford Restructuring – Brazil Manufacturing to Cease

Production will cease immediately at Camaçari and Taubaté in Brazil, with some parts production continuing for a few months to support inventories for aftermarket sales. The Troller plant in Horizonte, Brazil, will continue to operate until the fourth quarter of 2021. As a result, the company will end sales of EcoSport, Ka and T4 once inventories are sold. Manufacturing operations in Argentina and Uruguay and the sales companies in other South America markets are not affected. Continue reading

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BrightDrop? General Motors New Business Claims It Will Electrify, Improve Goods and Services Delivery

BrightDrop introduces GM’s Ultium platform to the commercial vehicle segment and has Level 2 and DC fast charging capabilities. FedEx Express will be the first customer of BrightDrop. An EP1 pilot program has been completed in partnership with FedEx Express. During the pilot, FedEx Express couriers were able to handle 25% more packages effectively and safely per day with the EP1s. FedEx couriers said that the EP1s were easy to maneuver and reduced physical strain. Continue reading

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Miss Shilling’s Orifice Fixed Merlin Engines on Spitfires

In one of those odd and startling connections, we are in a war now against Covid that will require the collective sacrifice and patriotism that was on display during the British battle and subsequently – in another parallel – our struggles under the Roosevelt Administration that followed a demonstrably incompetent Republican one. Continue reading

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Droning On: FAA Belatedly Issues Unmanned Aircraft Regs. Bits of Aircraft Rules Pilots Obey Now Will Eventually Apply

These rules come at a time when drones are the fastest-growing segment in the entire transportation sector – with currently more than 1.7 million drone registrations and 203,000 FAA “certificated” (not even close to what private pilots must know on the FAA written test) remote pilots. Continue reading

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COVID Changes – Porsche Starts Online Car Sales in Europe

The dealers in the nine countries offer most of their new and used cars on the platform. These include standard variants of the Porsche models as well as rare derivatives. There are also plans to further expand the platform, claims Porsche, who is dependent on dealers for distribution unlike Tesla. Continue reading

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EU – Truck Makers Agree to Be Fossil Fuel Less By 2040

This is a bold move considering that ~97% of new European trucks sold are powered with diesel engines. It also underscores a growing movement of citizen voters who hold corporations accountable for negative social effects produced by their goods and services. The incoming President Biden Administration has promised to address environmental issues mocked by loser Trump and has already said it will rejoin l’accord de Paris. This agreement is within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), dealing with greenhouse-gas-emissions mitigation. AutoInformed thinks that it is only a question of time before a similar deal is put in place in the US. Continue reading

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US, Mexican Volkswagen Plants to Link with Industrial Cloud

The Industrial Cloud is an IT platform, designed to gather and analyze data from all connected Volkswagen Group facilities on a real-time basis to help increase efficiency and productivity. Volkswagen’s three North American plants are the first outside Europe to be networked with the Industrial Cloud. The three Volkswagen locations are expected to be connected by the end of the year. As early as spring 2021, Chattanooga, Puebla and Silao could access standardized software applications that are available for all factories in the Volkswagen Group connected to the Industrial Cloud. Continue reading

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Milestones – 10th Anniversary of First US LEAF Delivery

Produced at plants in the U.S., Japan, and the U.K., the Nissan LEAF is sold in 59 markets around the world. Continue reading

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CARB Regulation Limits Chemical Refrigerants to Lower Levels

The refrigerants, known as hydrofluorocarbons or HFCs, are super pollutants because they trap heat in the atmosphere thousands of times more effectively than carbon dioxide, the most prevalent greenhouse gas. These rules can serve as a national model for super pollutant reduction and come at a time when the newly elected Biden Administration is promising to do something about Global Warming after years of Republican resistance or malfeasance. Continue reading

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GM Signs MoU with Nikola to Supply Hydrotec Fuel Cells

Despite decades of fuel cell research, GM appears to be far behind Toyota in the market use of fuel cell commercial vehicles – increasingly looking like a mandatory segment for survivors of the commercial truck wars. Continue reading

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CARB Alters and Adds Stationary Source Emissions Measurements to Improve Local Air Pollution and Health

Once fully implemented, the amendments aim to create a unified reporting mechanism resulting in the most comprehensive emissions inventory programs in the nation. They also established expanded and consistent reporting applicability criteria that determines which facilities need to report their emissions data, CARB said. Continue reading

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GM Doubles Down on EVs in Bid to Win Global Race

“Climate change is real, and we want to be part of the solution by putting everyone in an electric vehicle,” said Barra. “We are transitioning to an all-electric portfolio from a position of strength and we’re focused on growth. We can accelerate our EV plans because we are rapidly building a competitive advantage in batteries, software, vehicle integration, manufacturing and customer experience.”  Barra’s announcement is in line with President Biden as of 20 January 2021. Continue reading

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