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2018 S-Class Takes Driver Assistance Upward?

Daimler is gushing about considerably extended driving assistance functions on the new S‑Class that appears to be a continuation of industry trends. This fall – in what is perhaps over-billed as a major step towards autonomous driving – Mercedes-Benz S-Class will have Active Distance Assist Distronic, and Active Steering Assist – forgive the marketing quasi-babble. Continue reading

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Silly, but Serious Safety Recalls from Mercedes and Kia

Recalls continue to bedevil automakers as airbag and software issues at Mercedes-Benz and a bad brake vacuum hose at Kia show. These are the result of quality control and development issues in what are admittedly complex automobiles. Continue reading

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Autonomous Systems Ignore Users, It’s Claimed

During the last 15 years, autonomous systems offered by automakers have been a succession of partially automated parking and driving systems that are mostly accurate and sometimes comfortable, but rarely easy to discover or use, according to a new study. Continue reading

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Dellenback of Southwest Research Institute Receives SAE Award

The award recognizes “exceptional work as a leader in the design, development, and deployment of intelligent transportation systems.” Continue reading

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Connected Cars – Toyota and NTT Want Standardization

The companies want – not without substantial self-interest – a platform for data collection, accumulation, and analysis for building and administering the collection and accumulation of “huge amounts of vehicle information and other data received from large numbers of vehicles.” Continue reading

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Texas Drunk Driving Deaths Lead Nation

Alcohol is a substance that reduces brain performance, impairing thinking, reasoning and muscle coordination. All these abilities are essential, of c0urse, to operating a vehicle safely. As alcohol levels rise in a person’s system, the negative effects on the central nervous system increase, too. Continue reading

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Life Sentences for Maruti Suzuki Workers

The contentious case in India’s notoriously biased courts backed up by violent police forces that favor ownership and the rich, stems from a violent incident at Maruti Suzuki on 18 July 2012 that resulted in the death of a manager. Continue reading

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Microsoft Licenses Toyota Connected Car Technology

Microsoft Corporation has a new licensing agreement with Toyota Corporation that includes broad coverage for connected car technologies needed for autonomous vehicles. Today’s agreement builds on a previous ones going back to 2011 that include their collaboration on the Azure-based Toyota Big Data Center. Whether customers will accept Giant Smartphones on wheels remains an open question. Continue reading

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Recurrent Airbag Recalls Continue to Plague Automakers – Latest at Ford, Nissan, Porsche, Volvo

A reinvigorated NHTSA along with automakers who now know all too well of the large fines and charges – civil and criminal – as well as lawsuits that derive from stonewalling safety defects has resulted in a seemingly unending list of safety recalls that occur almost daily. Continue reading

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2017 SAE World Congress – Automated Technology, Autonomous Vehicles Star

Serving as a global forum of industry leaders, inventors, and disruptors from Detroit to Silicon Valley and everywhere in-between, th SAE World Congress promises three days of “active learning, high-powered collaboration, and technological discovery.” Continue reading

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Toyota Research Institute Autonomous Vehicle 2.0 Shown at Prius Challenge. This One is Engineered by Toyota

The autonomous vehicle systems are costly and computationally complex, centering deeply on machine vision and machine learning. Continue reading

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FAA Proposes Talking About Regulations for Drones

With an airspeed less than that of the Wright Flyer, the FAA has set up work groups to finally provide specific regulations covering UAS – unmanned aircraft systems – or drones in the national airspace it solely controls. Continue reading

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Renault-Nissan, Transdev To Study Autonomous Vehicles

The Renault-Nissan Alliance and Transdev will develop mobility services system for autonomous vehicles. The goal is to study mobility services with fleets of electric autonomous vehicles for public and on-demand transportation. They want a comprehensive, modular transportation system to enable clients to book rides, and mobility operators to monitor and operate self-driving car fleets – in short what every major automaker is pursuing. Continue reading

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Drones – FAA Releases Updated Sighting Reports

After heavy criticism by Congress about ignoring the threat to public safety and the lack of oversight by the agency responsible for airspace, as well as missed deadlines to do its regulatory job, the so-called Registration Task Force delivered recommendations to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta and Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx on November 2015. The thorniest details other than registration – the actual regulations -have yet to be worked out. Continue reading

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BMW Group, Mobileye to Crowd Source Digital Maps for Autonomous Vehicles

An emerging, show-stopping problem with autonomous vehicles comes from the state of the roads and existing GPS maps. Roads are inconsistently marked, in various states of disrepair and subject to camera and sensor fouling weather conditions. GPS maps aren’t accurate enough. Autonomous vehicles will require HD maps that can identify and update changes in the environment with near real-time speed, enabling very short “time to reflect reality.” Continue reading

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