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Hyundai Reorganizes with Executive Shakeups

Kenny Lee’s departure comes as Hyundai confronts mounting pressure to address reports about no collision engine fires in some of its vehicles. ( See AutoInforned on Center for Auto Safety Demands Recall of 2.9 Million 2011-2014 Kia and Hyundai Vehicles for Fires) Continue reading

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More Automated Driving R&D Underway at Toyota

Through this alliance, the three companies will work toward achieving “freedom of movement for all” and a “society with zero casualties from traffic accidents.” While these goals are a cliché in automated driving releases, scant evidence exists that this will happen beyond the fact that there is a lot of work underway in the area. Continue reading

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Chinese Junk Watch – Brookstone Wireless Speaker Fires

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled Brookstone speakers and properly dispose of the lithium-ion battery packs according to state and local regulations. Continue reading

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Dieselgate – Audi Fines of ~$1 Billion hit Porsche Guidance. Porsche is Economical with the Truth on Ongoing Risks.

Porsche rules out however a spin off ala Ferrari that could value and independent company at more than $80 billion. The remaining outstanding fraud case from the noxious diesel emissions scandal is remains ongoing in Stuttgart, where state prosecutors are investigating the role Volkswagen’s sports car brand Porsche played in the sordid diesel affair. Continue reading

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Versata, Not Ford, Owns Trade Secrets says Federal Judge

Versata declared publicly that the jury verdict could result in hundreds of millions of dollars of damages to Ford and could result in an injunction from using the “copycat” substitute software Ford secretly created behind closed doors that infringes on Versata’s property rights. Continue reading

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US DOT and EPA Want to Slash Fuel Economy Standards. Trump Administration Proposal Has Many Critics

The Trump Administration claimed that the new national automobile fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards will give the American people greater access to safer, more affordable vehicles that are cleaner for the environment. Continue reading

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Recalls from Ford, Lamborghini, Lexus, Mazda and VW

When an automaker or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA ) concludes that a vehicle creates an unreasonable risk to safety or fails to meet minimum safety standards( often because of customer complaints), the manufacturer is required to fix that vehicle at no cost to the owner. Continue reading

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CARB OKs Plan to Mitigate Harm from Volkswagen Diesel Defeat Devices. Heavy-Duty Vehicles to Get Clean Technology

“This is a landmark moment in the saga of Volkswagen’s environmental violations,” said CARB Chair Mary D. Nichols. “Over the next 10 years this plan will put in place not only tools to clean up VW’s excess emissions, but also to help achieve further reductions of smog-forming pollution for decades to come.” Continue reading

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Fiat Chrysler Recalls 4.8 Million Vehicles for Runaway Acceleration Caused by Cruise Control Software

This appears to be a re-run or sequel of Chrysler’s long-running horror movie on safety. (See AutoInformed/com on: NHTSA Whacks Chrysler with Record $105m Safety Penalty, Hack Attack! FCA Recalls 1.4m Vehicles Because Outsiders Can Take Control Remotely by Exploiting the Software, US DOT Fines Fiat Chrysler $70 Million more, NHTSA Blasts FCA Recalls – Big Fines, Maybe Criminal Charges Coming for Italian Automaker? Litigation Ongoing.) Continue reading

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Daimler, Deutsche Telekom End German Government Clash

Whether this bodes ill for Daimler’s other car-to-car or car-to-infrastructure/web communications programs remains to be see. It also points to an unknown legal environment facing autonomous car makers with products already on the market – automatic driver-assist systems such as automatic braking, automatic parking, or vehicle-following speed control. Continue reading

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50 Mayors, 11 States to Defend +50 MPG CAFE Standard

In a statement like the American Revolution’s Declaration of Independence, local leaders are rejecting a corrupt central government out of touch with the people – one that instead is beholden to special interests, big oil, and big money for campaigns to keep the corruption and tyranny ongoing. Continue reading

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Laws Mandating DUI Interlocks Save Lives

Twenty-eight states, the District of Columbia and four California counties have some type of interlock requirement that applies to first-time offenders. If all states without such laws adopted them, more than 500 additional lives could be saved each year. Continue reading

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Trump Tantrum on Trade Kills Jobs, Distracts from Expanding Russian Collusion Investigations and Criminal Indictments

The impact on automotive and parts production will be significant, but the magnitude of the action is not yet known. Continue reading

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Me Too? Raj Nair, President North America, Fired by Ford

Job One at Ford appears to include masturbating on the assembly line, showing off pictures of penises, molesting and propositioning women and retaliating against those who refused to “go along with the program,” thereby providing an expanded definition of tit for tat. Continue reading

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California Air Resources Board Fines JEGS Automotive $1.7m

The California Air Resources Board today announced that JEGS Automotive Inc. will pay $1,700,500 to resolve violations of anti-pollution laws related to the sales and marketing of illegal aftermarket performance parts in California. The penalty is the largest in CARB … Continue reading

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