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Trump Legacy – FAA Adopts Stricter Unruly Passenger Policy

Typically, the FAA addressed unruly-passenger incidents using a variety of methods ranging from warnings and counseling to civil penalties. Effective immediately, however, the FAA will not address these cases with warnings or counseling. The agency will pursue legal enforcement action against any passenger who assaults, threatens, intimidates, or interferes with airline crew members. This policy will be in effect through March 30, 2021. Why it should stop then was unexplained. Continue reading

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BrightDrop? General Motors New Business Claims It Will Electrify, Improve Goods and Services Delivery

BrightDrop introduces GM’s Ultium platform to the commercial vehicle segment and has Level 2 and DC fast charging capabilities. FedEx Express will be the first customer of BrightDrop. An EP1 pilot program has been completed in partnership with FedEx Express. During the pilot, FedEx Express couriers were able to handle 25% more packages effectively and safely per day with the EP1s. FedEx couriers said that the EP1s were easy to maneuver and reduced physical strain. Continue reading

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Boeing to Pay More Than $2.5 Billion for 737 Max Fraud

The Justice Departments reputation and adherence to the law is subject to considerable debate under the pardoner in Chief – soon to be ex-president Trump and the former Attorney General (resume laundering by resigning 23 Dec 2020) and Republican lawyer William P. Barr. He is also known here as no-holds Barr for his relentless interference in Justice Department principles and law enforcement procedures to protect Trump, aka the Man Who would be King. Boeing, debatably, profited from such interference when the Trump Administration refused to ground the 737 Max despite growing incidents and fatalities. Continue reading

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Miss Shilling’s Orifice Fixed Merlin Engines on Spitfires

In one of those odd and startling connections, we are in a war now against Covid that will require the collective sacrifice and patriotism that was on display during the British battle and subsequently – in another parallel – our struggles under the Roosevelt Administration that followed a demonstrably incompetent Republican one. Continue reading

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Droning On: FAA Belatedly Issues Unmanned Aircraft Regs. Bits of Aircraft Rules Pilots Obey Now Will Eventually Apply

These rules come at a time when drones are the fastest-growing segment in the entire transportation sector – with currently more than 1.7 million drone registrations and 203,000 FAA “certificated” (not even close to what private pilots must know on the FAA written test) remote pilots. Continue reading

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FAA Grants Santa Claus Special Flight and Launch Permissions

Santa knows this Christmas is different from other years and agrees with the FAA decision to give priority to flights carrying COVID-19 vaccines and other cargo critical to the nation’s response to the ongoing public health emergency aided by a naughty and decidedly not nice Republa-Grinch group. Follow Santa’s progress as he travels across the U.S. by visiting the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) website, where NORAD tracks Santa’s Christmas Eve voyage. Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence Will Bring Scooter Riding to Bike Lanes?

The micro-mobility part of Ford Motor Company claims Spin Insight Level 2 with Drover AI’s computer vision and machine learning platform, equips Spin’s vehicles with a camera, an array of sensors, and on-board computing power. Spin claims Drover’s technology is highly adaptive and easily scaled to new environments, allowing an e-scooter to” understand its surroundings in real time and assist riders in making safe riding decisions.” Not a word was mentioned of potential privacy or legal issues or who owns the customer data produced and how it will be used. Future capabilities planned include detecting wrong-way riding, adjusting vehicle speed based on riding conditions, and collision warnings. Continue reading

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Hendrick Motorsports Making Chrome-Moly Steel Roll Bars for New GM Defense Infantry Squad Vehicle

A key supplier is North Carolina-based Hendrick Motorsports, which brings its extensive experience developing race cars in NASCAR’s high-load, high-risk environments. Hendrick is responsible for providing the chrome-moly steel exoskeleton of the vehicle frame, including the ISV rollover protection system. Continue reading

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Lyft and Motional to Deploy Fully Self-Driving Vehicles in 2023

Lyft with abundant self-interest and General Motors backing claims a rideshare network is “vastly important to making AVs become a reality.” This thesis in search of proof will balance AVs operating on Lyft’s network with human drivers and other options including bikes, scooters, and transit.  Lyft claims it can ensure riders always have reliable transportation options regardless of where they need to travel. Lyft also claims that riders want a ride to arrive within minutes of requesting one and it’ll take years for AVs to reach the scale and technological sophistication needed to meet this service level for all ride scenarios. Rideshare networks might be where riders experience self-driving technology for the first time. Continue reading

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EU – Truck Makers Agree to Be Fossil Fuel Less By 2040

This is a bold move considering that ~97% of new European trucks sold are powered with diesel engines. It also underscores a growing movement of citizen voters who hold corporations accountable for negative social effects produced by their goods and services. The incoming President Biden Administration has promised to address environmental issues mocked by loser Trump and has already said it will rejoin l’accord de Paris. This agreement is within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), dealing with greenhouse-gas-emissions mitigation. AutoInformed thinks that it is only a question of time before a similar deal is put in place in the US. Continue reading

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Toyota to Cut AA Shares for Sustainable Development

If the transaction proceeds, shareholders who by exercising their voting rights to a “high degree” have actively participated in the management of TMC will no longer be of concern to TMC management. Environmental, social and corporate governance issues – so-called ESGs – are at the heart of a growing movement to measure the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company or business. The theory – yet to be convincingly proven in AutoInformed’s view – is that this will help predict the future financial performance of companies. Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz Vans eSprinter on New Versatility Platform

As government regulations and customer preferences prompt the ecological and economic advantages of battery-electric vans, MB will not be alone in this endeavor. The Ford Transit – to name just one competing offering – is also well along the way toward electrification. Moreover Toyota and Hino appear to be leading in the use of hydrogen fuel in electric commercial trucks.  All makers will eventually push forward plans to bring electrically powered vans to market in all segments. Continue reading

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GM Signs MoU with Nikola to Supply Hydrotec Fuel Cells

Despite decades of fuel cell research, GM appears to be far behind Toyota in the market use of fuel cell commercial vehicles – increasingly looking like a mandatory segment for survivors of the commercial truck wars. Continue reading

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Toyota and Hino Heavy-Duty Fuel-Cell Electric Truck Verification Tests Start in the Spring of 2022

The goal is to accelerate the early commercial application of heavy-duty FCETs contributing to the development of a sustainable society. The air quality goals may be achieved, at least in part, by reducing CO2 emissions from heavy-duty FCETs, which account for approximately 70% of all CO2 emissions from commercial vehicles in Japan. Continue reading

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JR East, Hitachi, Toyota to Develop Fuel Cell Railway Vehicles

The development of innovative rolling stock powered by hydrogen in theory will contribute to the development of a low-carbon society as it helps to curb global warming and diversify energy sources. Hydrogen ensures minimal environmental impact because it does not emit any carbon dioxide when used as an energy source. It can be produced from various raw materials using renewable energy. Continue reading

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