Your Computerized Car allows Governments to Snoop

There is a new generation of devices already in use that allows governments to track you while automakers sell your personal information.

The next car you buy will be computerized, override your inputs, all the while gathering vast amounts of personal data that will be used for marketing purposes. This is the Orwellian future of auto mobility that is being forced on you by international corporations and the governments they own. Artificial intelligence, along with so-called internet multi-sensory trends and robotics are all coming to the auto business, like it or not. Proponents of this brave new auto world claim that communicating with other cars on the road, analyzing traffic patterns, and offering choices about where you drive while a computer has control of  your car is a good thing.

AutoInformed thinks that this latest assault on personal freedom is out of your control. Governments and automakers need to be reined in,  so that you own your personal data, and you decide what personal information – if any – is available to marketers and government spying.

A newly published Frost & Sullivan ( video report – The Future of Mobility- looks at the factors that will influence the way people move about. It also celebrates the new aspects of a controlled or a closely government monitoring of people that profit-making businesses are planning to deploy.

In a gushing press release, F&S says that artificial intelligence tools, managing the environment and communicating with other cars on the road, and analyzing traffic, thereby making choices about where to drive while a robot drives your car to your work, is a good thing.

AutoInformed vehemently disagrees.

The Frost & Sullivan analysis claims every new car will be “connected” by 2014, either via an embedded or tethered platform, making cars the third most connected “devices” behind mobile phones and tablet computers,.

Leading this assault on personal freedom is Google. Google is working with automakers to develop autonomous driving. At the heart of its business model is driverless cars with data gathering as a profit-making motive.

“We expect very soon a company like Google or a car company to test run trials of 20 to 30 fully driver less cars in a shared business model within a small community to test the concept and prove to the world, that this technology is closer than we believe,” says F&S.


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Ken Zino is an auto industry veteran with global experience in print, broadcast and electronic media. He has auto testing, marketing, public relations and communications expertise garnered while working in Asia, Europe and the U.S.
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