EU Passenger car registrations ‐4.6% in January 2019

During January 2019, the European passenger car market saw a slow start to the year, posting a -4.6% decline compared to one year ago. This makes for six straight months of decline before the impending Brexit disaster takes hold. on Jan 2019 EU Passenger Car Sales

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Demand for new cars fell across almost the entire European Union, including the EU’s five major markets. Spain and Italy posted the strongest declines (down 8.0% and 7.5% respectively), while percentage drops were more modest in the United Kingdom (‐1.6%), Germany (‐1.4%) and France (‐1.1%).

Nevertheless, with nearly 1.2 million units registered in total, this still represents the second‐highest January volume on record since 2009, a dubious distinction. on EU Passenger Car Sales - January 2019


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