EVs, Coal Plant Closings Can Cut Carbon Emissions 42%

A new report from Community Energy claims that electric vehicles (EVs), combined with accelerated coal plant retirements, can reduce Colorado’s CO2 emissions by 42% by 2040 relative to today’s levels while lowering electric utility rates.

The study says that combined emissions from the transportation and electricity sector are reduced by 61%. It’s just another fact ignored by global warming deniers  and climate change reform opponents that notes that clean air is vital and global warming deadly.

Caveat: the study, prepared by Vibrant Clean Energy  assumes that by 2040, 87% of the light vehicle and 70% of the medium vehicle fleet would be converted to EVs and that the average vehicle will travel 10,000 miles per year at 3.5 miles per kWh. The conversion to EVs reduces average annual vehicle fuel costs by nearly $600 (a 70% reduction). The EVs increase annual electric energy requirements in Colorado by almost 20%, which the model meets by adding wind, solar, storage and natural gas to the grid.

According to Chris Clack, CEO of Vibrant Clean Energy, “The Community Energy sponsored study supports the observation that Colorado’s abundant low-carbon resources can be cost-effectively harnessed to electrify transportation in a way that can dramatically reduce GHG emissions while lowering utility rates.”

Community Energy

For more than twenty years, Community Energy, Inc. has partnered with utilities, Fortune 500 companies and local communities to develop over 1700 MW and invest more than $3 billion in solar and wind generation. As an early entrant in commercializing renewable energy assets, Community Energy uses emerging technologies and resources to support decarbonization of our energy systems and promote fuel-free approaches. Headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania and with offices in Boulder, Colorado and Chapel Hill North Carolina, Community Energy has a strong presence in diverse geographical markets. See: www.communityenergyinc.com.

About Vibrant Clean Energy: A nationally recognized energy grid modeling firm based in Colorado. VCE creates computer optimization software to study pathways for energy systems futures. It also performs to provide expertise in new arenas of electrification, de-carbonization and variable resources. The mission of VCE is to help facilitate universal, sustainable, and cheap energy for everyone.

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