FAA Clears Santa Claus One for Christmas Eve Flight

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NORAD now tracks Santa Claus using the internet.

Santa Claus has been flying accident-free for centuries, and FAA safety inspectors have cleared Santa Claus One–the world’s only known reindeer-powered aircraft–to deliver presents to children around the world this year. Click here for NORAD tracks Santa Claus.

Starting at North Pole International Airport, Rudolph’s red nose has gumdrop-enhanced avionics to make it brighter and easier to track, even in the heavy snowfalls.

Air traffic control will keep Santa separated from other aircraft by having him fly at a cruising altitude of 50,000 feet, according to the FAA. That’s higher than commercial aircraft fly. They’ll also be tracking him using Candy Cane Satellite Surveillance-Broadcast, an enhancement of the FAA’s satellite-based system called Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast.  See also Colonel Shoup’s Sleigh Ride! North American Aerospace Defense Command Still Tracks Santa Claus

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