FAA Fines Amazon $78K for Shipping Hazardous Materials

AutoInformed.comThe U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposes a $78,000 civil penalty against Amazon, for allegedly violating the Hazardous Materials Regulations.

Amazon has a history of violating the Hazardous Materials Regulations. From February 2013 to September 2015, Amazon was found to have violated the Hazardous Materials Regulations 24 other times. The FAA is continuing to scrutinize Amazon’s compliance with the Hazardous Materials Regulations applicable to air transportation.

The FAA alleges that on 24 May 2014, Amazon offered Federal Express two cardboard boxes containing corrosive rust stain preventer for air transportation from Plainfield, IL. to Davenport, FL

One of the packages contained four 1-gallon plastic jugs of Rid O’ Rust Stain Preventer Acid Well Water Formula, while the other held two 1-gallon jugs of the formula. Workers at a FedEx sorting facility in Florida found that one of the containers leaked through the cardboard box.

FAA alleges the package was not properly marked, labeled, packaged or accompanied by shipping papers indicating the amount, type and hazardous nature of the material inside. The FAA also alleges Amazon did not provide required emergency response information with the shipment.

Amazon has 30 days from receipt of the FAA’s enforcement letter to respond to the agency about shipping hazardous materials.

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