FCA to Restart of North American Operations?

AutoInformed.com on FCA restarting manufacturing in the U.S.

A decision in defiance of the data?

FCA says its plants across the U.S. and Canada, as well as headquarters operations and construction projects, are to remain closed only until 14 April, dependent upon the various states’ stay-in-place orders and the readiness of each facility to return to production. The UAW is apparently not pleased with the decision that threatens the health and safety of its members. (UAW Balks at Reopening Workplaces)

Note the irony of an Italian owned company where COVID-19 is raging unabated, assuming a business as usual approach to the global pandemic where the untied sates is now leading in the rate of diagnosis of the virus.

The Mopar Parts Distribution Centers, which have been deemed essential to keeping first responders and commercial vehicles on the road, will continue to operate with paid volunteers. The production status  for FCA’s Mexico operations is thus far unknown.

“The Company continues to work collaboratively with the UAW and Unifor to expand upon the extensive program of cleaning and social distancing protocols that already have been implemented across all of our facilities to safeguard our employees,” FCA claimed.


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