Ford Buys E-Scooter Company Spin

Ford Smart Mobility has bought Spin, a San Francisco-based electric scooter-sharing company that provides customers “an alternative for first- and last-mile transportation.” Spin, a dockless electric scooter sharing company is said to be a leading micro-mobility service provider with operations in 13 cities and campuses across the U.S. Using a Spin electric scooter costs $1 to rent and 15 cents per minute. on Ford Spin E-Scooter

Ford Spin E-Scooter.

Spin is the latest move by Ford in the so-called “mobility space,” as the company attempts to build businesses that will help its poor operational  and stock performance. Some company or companies – and it is an open and ever-expanding field – will provide mobility businesses to help customers get places more easily, more quickly and, allegedly, less expensively.

Scooters allow cities to offer a last mile transportation to residents because of  “relative affordability.” Combined with ease of use and electrified power, scooters might also help reduce urban traffic congestion, parking limitations and pollution, although these promises or selling/talking points remain to be proven.

As noted, several mobility options are becoming available to people. Right now, people use multiple forms of transportation during a single trip. research shows nearly half of all trips made in the U.S. are 3 miles or less, according to “The Micro-Mobility Revolution,” a report by Populus. The true believers in the experimental mobility sector claim that businesses need to keep up with agile and adaptable customers.

Well Ford is one business that is trying to do so.



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