Ford Europe Sales Down 10% in April. UK and Eastern EU Up

Ford Motor sold 115,700 vehicles in April in its 51 European markets, a 10% drop or 12,700 units fewer when compared with April 2011. In the first four months of the year, Ford sales in these markets totaled 501,000 vehicles, a reduction of 7.2%.

Like other automakers, Ford is struggling with the contractionist policies of governments in Germany and Brussels, as voter unrest grows with the Depression level economic conditions. Both in April and year-to-date light vehicle sales in the EU are off almost 8%, the fifth straight year of declines. official results from ACEA, the automakers trade group, are due tomorrow

Overall in its 19 traditional markets, Ford’s market share dipped by 0.3 percentage points to 7.7% with  sales of 90,200 vehicles in April. Year-to-date, Ford’s market share was 8.3% flat , compared the first four months of 2011.

The only bright spots for Ford were the United Kingdom, eastern Europe and Russia, which is not part of the EU of course.

Ford’s April vehicle sales in the UK – its largest European market – increased by 4.3% to 24,400 vehicles and its market share rose 0.5%  to 15.1 per cent. Ford once commanded 35% of the U.K. market, but is still hanging on as market leader. In Eastern Europe, Ford’s sales were 4,400 units in April and 16,600 year-to-date, up 12% and 16% compared to the same periods in 2011, respectively.

In Russia, Ford sales totaled 12,400 in April and 39,700 year-to-date, up 26% and 29%, respectively. Ford’s market share grew by 0.3%  to 4.3% in April as well as April year-to-date.

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