Ford Motor November U.S. Sales Drop -7% on November US Vehicle Sales - Courtesy AutoData

Import car sales aren’t strong either.

Sales at Ford Motor Company during November totaled 196,303 vehicles,  a 6.9% decline as recession thunderclouds build across the country’s horizon apparently affecting most makers. Ford fleet sales were down 7.1%; daily rental was down 32.7%, while commercial sales were up 11.8%.

The good news is that trucks and SUVs increased Ford’s overall average transaction pricing, with a new record of $37,000 in November, a $1,600 increase year-over-year. Ford claims that this compares to a $780 increase for the overall industry, with average transaction prices of $33,400.

“F-Series marked a record nine straight months topping the 70,000-truck mark, a consistent performance by a high volume, high margin product unmatched in the industry,” claimed Mark LaNeve, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service . Sales of our all-new Expedition and Transit Connect continue to grow, as does our mix of trucks, SUVs and vans. This mix totaled 82% in November,” LaNeve said with the insouciance of a man about town who forgets his last two-day hangover, or in this case hasn’t seen what a sudden disruption i oil supplies can do to so sales of relatively less efficient vehicles.

Only one Ford brand car increased its sales year-to-date, except for the new GT (125 total). Overall car sales were off -19.5% for the month (34088), -17.5% for the year at 425,508. Cars such as the Focus, are down a lot, because production was stopped in May, while Taurus and Fiesta production will stop next year.


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