Fujitsu and Autonomic Announce Mobility Services Partnership

Fujitsu and Autonomic will offer automotive OEMs a “fast and flexible solution to support the industry’s move towards mobility-as-a-service models.” The companies will initially deliver code to Ford Motor Company, followed – it’s claimed – by a rollout to other automakers globally.

The software, comprised of Fujitsu’s systems integration services and Autonomic’s transportation mobility cloud, is said to expand cloud mobility services to advance ride sharing, fleet management and autonomous car routing services.

With the growth in connected cars, autonomous driving, sharing services, ride-hailing, and electric vehicles, the automotive industry is moving towards a business dubbed mobility-as-a-service. The growth of this still largely untested idea – with real money paying customers who will abandon their cars  – has increased the demand for a mobility service platform that’s capable of rapidly processing the vast quantity of data that mobility innovation generates, as well as streamlining applications’ access to that data and those vehicles.

Fujitsu and Autonomic claim they will combine their business acumen, industry expertise, and digital technologies to accelerate mobility-as-a-service adoption.

Autonomic’s transportation mobility cloud gives car makers and developers the infrastructure to build customer experiences for connected vehicles. Supported by Amazon Web Services, the TMC connects diverse elements of urban mobility systems (connected vehicles, mass transit, personal mobile devices, city infrastructure, and service providers) with the goal of making a safer, more efficient and sustainable transportation network.

With the TMC, Autonomic says it delivers a flexible and secure platform that provides automakers and other developers the building blocks necessary for connected mobility applications ranging from self-driving car routing, management of large-scale fleets, transit planning and more.

Fujitsu brings its experience in OEM systems integration to offer mobility technologies and services including Fujitsu’s stream data processing technology (Tech Babble Alert: Dracena – Dynamically Reconfigurable Asynchronous Consistent Event-processing Architecture). This speeds the deployment of mobility services to individual customers through the continuous and dynamic processing of vast quantities of IoT data from OEMs, insurance companies, and other verticalized input. As part of the collaboration, Fujitsu also will offer access to its broader digital consulting, services and solutions, as well as its global sales network, to enhance sales.

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