Gen Six 2016 Camaro Reveal is Immanent

“Alpha provided a strong foundation, but more than 70% of the components are unique to the Gen 6 Camaro.”

Chevrolet is saying that only two parts carry over from the fifth-generation Camaro on the 2016 Gen Six Camaro that will be shown on Saturday 16 May at Detroit’s Belle Isle Park: the bowtie emblem on the taillamp panel and the SS badge. The new Camaro is based on General Motors’ Alpha architecture.

GM is making some immodest claims, saying the Camaro pony car is designed to compete with premium European brands, with the platform providing “exceptional driving dynamics and refinement, as well as a balance of mass and stiffness necessary for a world-class performance car.” Maybe, but Gen Five has been a success story by beating cross-town rival Ford Mustang in sales.

“Alpha provided a strong foundation, but more than 70% of the components are unique to the Gen 6 Camaro, including exterior and interior dimensions, an all-new interior, front and rear suspension, and powertrain components,” claims Mark Reuss, GM executive vice president, Global Product Development. “The minute you see – and hear – the Gen 6, you know it’s a Camaro, from the stance to the driving experience to the sound of the Small Block V8.” (See

The front structure was developed specifically for Camaro. It is lengthened, to create the dash-to-axle ratio necessary for the car’s pony car profile that was a response to the original, wildly successful pony car, the Ford Mustang.

The front was also widened to provide the desired track width for stable, confident cornering. In addition, 20% of the 6.2L LT1 V-8 engine has been tailored to fit the Camaro’s packaging, including new, tubular “tri-Y”-style exhaust manifolds.

The Gen Five Camaro went on sale in August 2009, and now in its last year of production is on pace to deliver more than 500,000 in sales. Camaro sales passed Mustang in 2010, to become America’s best-selling performance car – a title Camaro has retained for five consecutive years even though Ford redesigned the Mustang with an all-new platform for the 2015 model year.

Both Blue Oval and Bowtie fans have never had it so good.

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