Genesis Launches G70 Sedan in Russia on Russian Genesis Launch

Looks good as car, but as possible trade-war chess piece G70 looks like a pawn.

Hyundai’s nascent luxury automotive luxury brand Genesis has introduced the 2019 G70 sedan in the Russian market. This is the third model in the line debuting with the guns of an expanding, possibly global, trade war, booming in the distance. The ceremony held in The Museum of Moscow saw 500 guests join Genesis for a music festival. (Hyundai to Try to Make Genesis a Global Luxury Brand)

The trade wars – ongoing negotiations, threats and reversals of Trump Administration hard-line positions – sometimes within a day – may or may not affect the Russian car market. Russian sanctions yes, er no, er… Going after companies doing business with Syria. Yes, our UN Ambassador said so Sunday AM. Monday AM saw the 180 on that.  Taking the troops out of Syria? Yes, no maybe so? Add the North Korean nuclear weapons standoff with the U.S.  –  major and profitable markets for Hyundai and Kia – along with The Trump Administration’s withdrawal from the trans-Pacific trade pact, and a stalemate or checkmate against Hyundai in multiple markets is possible.

Then there’s the complicated, competitive global  car business aside from geo-politics. The G70 is the brand’s first vehicle in the highly fought entry-level luxury segment dominated by the Germans and Japanese. G70 was allegedly engineered to “offer driver-focused performance, refined luxury, advanced technology, and a world-class ownership experience.” Performance records from racing or closed testing sessions at say the Nordschleife are nil, however.  (Toyota Defending Endurance Title at Nürburgring, Audi R8 LMS at the 24 Hours Nürburgring) on Genesis


G70 is an attempt to expand Genesis brand’s sedan lineup, joining the G80, G80 Sport, and G90.  The brand claims it will continue to expand its product portfolio to all areas of the luxury auto market.

The giant holes (Michigan size) are – of course – sports cars (one coming here maybe,  the badly named Essentia, was shown at the New York International Auto Show this spring) and SUVs and endless derivatives and maybe pickup trucks.

“The launch of G70 in the Russian market confirms our strong commitment to deliver customer-oriented models that combine innovative technology, superior design, and the latest engineering advancements,” claimed Alexey Kalitsev, Managing Director of Genesis Brand in CIS.

G70 offers the required – by competitors –  active and passive safety equipment. Advanced driver-assistance systems such as Forward Collision Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Blind Spot Collision Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, and Driver Attention Warning comprise the Genesis Active Safety Control marketing tag.

The all-wheel drive sedan G70 is equipped with two gasoline two-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 197- and 247-horsepower. In the Russian market the model will be launched with five, yes five trim levels – Premier, Elegance, Advance, Sport and Supreme. G70 in Premier and Elegance are use the 197 hp engine. On Advance and Supreme both engines are available. The G70 in Sport version is available with a 247 hp engine.

In the basic version, the price of G70 is 1,949,000 ₽, or ~$31,293 The price of G70 in Elegance starts from 1,999,000 ₽, Advance (197 hp) – from 2,249,000 ₽, Supreme – from 2,709,000₽. The price of G70 in Sport version is 2,899,000 ₽, ~$46,545.

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