Governor Brown, Attorney General Becerra, CARB Chair Nichols to Demand Trump Administration Withdraw Proposal to Eliminate National Clean Car Standards Today on CO2 Increases in California from Trump EPA Rollback Decree - Source CARB

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Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., Attorney General Xavier Becerra and California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols will hold a news conference today in Sacramento to demand that the Trump Administration withdraw its proposal to eliminate the national Clean Car Standards.

The state will also release its formal analysis and comments on the federal proposal, showing it is riddled with errors and based on faulty assumptions, incorrect modeling, cherry-picked data and a fundamental misunderstanding of consumer behavior. It will also note that the current, achievable standards save consumers money, prevent serious health issues and help curb harmful carbon emissions.

In May, Governor Brown, Attorney General Becerra and Chair Nichols announced that California is leading an 18-jurisdiction coalition – representing approximately 43% of the U.S. automobile market and 140 million people – to sue the U.S. EPA to preserve the national Clean Car Standards. Last year, Governor Brown wrote a letter to the U.S. EPA Administrator to defend the existing emission standards.

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