Honda Motor Predicts $2.4 Billion Profit Drop from Earthquake

Honda Motor Company this morning in Japan said that net profits would drop by $2.4 billion or ¥195 billion in the Japanese fiscal year that ends on 31 March from ¥534.1 billion a year earlier. This represents a 63.5% decline for Japan’s third largest automaker compared to the previous year, the result of production disruptions caused by the Japan earthquake and tsunami, rebuilding costs, as well as a strong Yen at an unprecedented ¥80:$1.

Thus, devastating financial destruction is following from a great human tragedy. Last week Japan’s largest automaker, Toyota, said profits would decline by 31% in the fiscal year. Number two Nissan has yet to issue a forecast after the earthquake.

Honda, the third largest in volume among Japanese automakers, said in a statement sales are projected to decline 7.1% to ¥8.3 trillion from ¥8.937 trillion, while operating profit is forecast to decline 65% to ¥200 billion from ¥569.78 billion. The total annual dividend to be paid for this fiscal year is expected to be ¥60 per share, an increase of ¥6 per share compared to the previous fiscal year.

The lack of parts from suppliers will trim Honda’s global sales by 6% to 3.3 million light vehicles this fiscal year. Global production will drop by 6% to 3.35 million vehicles.

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