Honda Recall for Goldwing Motorcycle Fires Active


The question remains whether NHTSA will fine Honda for safety defect cover-ups.

American Honda Motor Company has told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that a Honda Goldwing Motorcycle recall is now in place for 126,000 GL 1800 motorcycles because the rear bakes can catch fire. At least two owners have experienced the safety defect. In a required filing with NHTSA, Honda said that Japanese-made the secondary master cylinder can cause the rear brakes to drag, which can result in fires.

This safety defect follows the admission by Honda last week that Honda is once again expanding a recall covering the driver’s side airbag installed on its most popular cars, crossovers and minivans built in 2001 and 2002. This ongoing global safety defect has resulted in recalls in North America, Japan, Australia and other regions. 

The Honda airbag safety defect like the Goldwing motorcycle fires has severe consequences. The failure is in the airbag’s inflation system that, potentially, can send pieces of metal – essentially shrapnel – into the interior when the airbag explodes. At least one person has been killed by this known defect, others have been injured.

Initially, Honda only recalled 4,200 vehicles three years ago and ignored the rest of the world. However, this Honda problem was ongoing as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was fining Toyota for safety defect cover-ups – ones that ultimately resulted in millions of dollars in fines and a shredded Toyota corporate and vehicle quality reputation. During the past year or so, Honda has issued more than 22 public statements about various safety defects and recalls in the U.S. The question remains whether NHTSA will fine Honda for cover-ups.

Honda said it will notify motorcycle owners that dealers will inspect the secondary master cylinder and if necessary, replace it as is required by law. The Honda motorcycle safety recall is expected to begin on 4 January  2012. Goldwing owners can contact Honda customer service at 1-866-784-1870.

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