Japan Auto Production, Exports off More than 60% in April


Some observers think this will be the worst month for production drops as a recovery slowly builds.

Confirming results that were already foreshadowed by the Japanese Big Three last week, the entire auto industry severely contracted in April, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association said today. As a result of ongoing parts shortages caused by the Japan earthquake and tsunami, Japanese automobile production in April 2011 dropped 60% to 292,001 units – a decrease of 439,828. It was the largest fall in production ever recorded.

The economic destruction is mounting at the automakers and suppliers. The total value of automobiles exported for April 2011 was $5,913.446 million – $2,696.405 million for vehicles and $3,217.041 million for parts. This is a decrease of $5,523.561 million or 48 % as compared with $11,437.007 million recorded for the same month of the previous year.

The question remains how long before the industry can resume production at close to normal levels? 

Exports were posted at 126,061 vehicles, compared with the 391,540 for the same month of the previous year, a decrease of 265,479 units or 68%. It was the second consecutive month of export decreases year-over-year.

Japan Auto Export Figures – April 2011
Automobile April 2011
Units April 2010


Toyota 31,025 20.7
Nissan 14,642 28.0
Mazda 20,606 37.9
Mitsubishi 19,491 69.9
Isuzu 2,770 23.2
Daihatsu 984 27.4
Honda 6,473 23.8
Subaru 8,182 27.6
UD Trucks 692 47.0
Hino 3,069 54.7
Suzuki 17,121 70.0
Mitsubishi Fuso 1,006 34.3
Total 126,061 32.2

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