Leasys Tweaks Noleggio Chiaro with ‘Light’ Model

Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank, today (26 Oct. 20) added to Noleggio (rental) Chiaro (clear) a light version. This is claimed to be an “innovative rental solution … in the Automotive service category, grants customers a right of first refusal on the purchase of the vehicle at the end of the rental period.”

The new Noleggio Chiaro light allows customers to rent a vehicle at a competitive monthly fee with a minimum set of services, which include Third-Party Liability (TPL) insurance, roadside assistance, I-Care info-mobility service and the customary use of the Leasys app to manage the contract from a smartphone. This package of essential services allows customers to benefit from the right of pre-emption to buy the vehicle at the end of the rental period.

Noleggio Chiaro is still available in the traditional form, for customers who want an all-inclusive hassle-free package that includes, in addition, routine and non-routine maintenance, as well as insurance coverage against theft, fire and damage repair.

“With the launch of the light version, Noleggio Chiaro is set to continue to be one of the flagships of Leasys’s portfolios. In fact, the service has already proved to be in high demand in Italy from private individuals, self-employed professionals, small and medium enterprises, in line with the public’s constantly growing need for innovative and flexible mobility solutions,” claimed the FCA Bank.


Established in September 2001, Leasys SpA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the FCA Bank Group, a 50:50 joint venture between FCA Italy SpA and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance. Leasys offers mobility services to individuals, professionals, and businesses of all sizes: from short, medium, and long-term rentals to peer-to-peer car sharing via the U Go platform and I-Link. Leasys CarCloud, the first Italian car subscription service, was launched in October 2019. With Clickar, a house brand, Leasys is also one of the leading Italian online and offline retailers of used company cars to individuals, professionals, and companies.

Headquartered in Italy, Leasys began a process of internationalization in 2017 by opening multiple offices throughout Europe: today the company operates in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland, managing a fleet of over 300,000 vehicles. . Launched in June 2019, the Leasys Mobility Stores now have a grassroots physical presence across Italy. Now also available in France, the stores offer customers access to all the mobility services provided by Leasys. The stores will soon be available also in the other European countries where the Company is operational.   

With the launch of the first totally electrified Mobility Store in Torino Caselle airport, Leasys claims to be on track to become a key operator also for sustainable mobility. With the installation of over 1,200 charging stations in all the stores by the end of 2020, Leasys will have Italy’s largest electrified network. In 2021, the electrification project will continue also in the European countries in which Leasys operates.  For more information: www.leasys.com

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