Lincoln MKZ Recalled for Bad Replacement Headlights


“MKZ Concept’s shape is a vision of simplicity completed with just a few strokes.”

Ford Motor Company is issuing a recall for replacement handlamps that were sold directly to customers or installed on 2013-16 Lincoln MKZ vehicles. Due to a back-order of replacement headlamp assemblies in North America, some dealers began ordering and installing headlamp assemblies designed for the Korea and China markets, which were similar in design to North America units and appeared to function properly.

However, the dealers were “unaware” that the units did not comply with U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, including for headlamp beam patterns, illuminated side markers, horizontal adjustments and U.S. Department of Transportation markings. Ford did not say where the headlamps were made or who made them. 

Ford Motor Company claims it is not aware of any reports of accident or injury related to this safety defect. This action affects 130 replacement headlamps, including those on 37 vehicles identified by Ford in the United States.

Dealers will inspect headlamps in affected vehicles and replace them as needed. Dealers will also contact customers who purchased over-the-counter parts and provide replacements. The Ford Motor Company reference number for this recall is 20C10.

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