Marketing Wars – New Carfax Ad Campaign. Car Fox Restyled. on Carfax Used Car Ad Campaign Car Fox-  Oct 2018

No word on the furry flyer’s zero-to-sixty elapsed time.

Carfax has launched a new national television ad campaign centered on preventing buyer’s remorse from overpaying for used cars. Carfax claims – and this sounds ok without supporting data – consumers would spend hundreds less on each used car purchase – a combined savings of up to $2.6 billion annually – when using better vehicle valuation tools.

The new ads tell consumers – what else – that is the best place to shop for used cars and get the most accurate pricing information. The new-look Car Fox advises car shoppers on how to find great used cars online and prevent paying too much for them in new national TV ads from Carfax.

Carfax hired Oscar-winning creative studio Framestore on production of the ads, including a new-look Car Fox (a bold new Fox? Grin)). In each ad, the furry consumer advocate delivers the message of finding cars that are priced more accurately based on Carfax information. Thousands of dealers use the Carfax History-Based Value to help reassure customers that they’re paying the right price.

“All 60 of our stores are Carfax Advantage dealerships, which has helped groom our salespeople to have more trust in themselves establishing value,” said Nasir Uddin, national used car director for Prime Auto Group. “Our access to Carfax Reports and using the Carfax History-Based Value helps us price our cars more competitively. In addition, it gives our staff something that helps prove to the customer why the price is where it is.”

Fifteen and 30-second commercials began airing this October on network and cable TV stations nationwide. The spots humorously depict less-informed buyers sharing their embarrassing online car shopping experience so that others can prevent similar mistakes. The first ad airing is titled ‘Hidden Identity’, followed shortly by two others, ‘Bags’ and ‘Disguise’.

“We’re really excited for this next iteration of where Car Fox can take Carfax. He’s out in the real world, bonding with consumers over their anxieties about buying used cars,” said Ben West, Framestore director and creative director. (we are not making this up) “This new campaign gave us the opportunity to completely redesign Car Fox with improvements in fur, dynamics and animation that bring him to life in a whole new way. The tongue-in-cheek feel of the spots and the deft animation make him incredibly likeable and engaging. We’re really proud of the results.”

Buying a car is the second largest purchase most people make. At, consumers start their search with specific vehicle history details. The search results show cars that match their choices, along with the Carfax History-Based Value that helps determine which cars are a “Great-“, “Good-” and “Fair Value” compared to the asking price. Every vehicle listed comes with a free Carfax Report provided by the selling dealer.

“Our new ads encourage used car shoppers to learn from others’ missteps,” said Paul Nadjarian, head of products for Carfax. “Carfax Used Car Listings combines an exclusive used car search experience with trusted Carfax information that helps price vehicles more accurately. Add in a direct connection from the listing to the Carfax Advantage dealer that has the car, and the result is more satisfied buyers.”


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