Mazda, Toyota Add Money to Manufacturing in Alabama

Ken Zino of on Mazda Toyota Manufacturing

THEN 1998 – the Toyota Mazda JV plant in Alabama. Some assembly required.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, (MTM), the joint-venture between Mazda Motor Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation, have announced an additional $830 million investment for more manufacturing technologies to its production lines and provide enhanced training to its workforce of up to 4,000 employees in Huntsville, Alabama. Full-scale construction of the plant continues, with 75%-100% completion on roofing, siding, floor slabs, ductwork, fire protection and electrical. (See on Mazda and Toyota Establish JV to build Vehicles in Alabama, Mazda-Toyota Plant Under Construction in U.S., Toyota Shifts Plans at Its Mazda JV Plant in Alabama to SUVS)

Total funding slated for the facility is now $2.311 billion, up from the $1.6 billion originally announced in 2018. The investment  is said to reaffirm Mazda and Toyota’s commitment to produce the highest-quality products at the facility.

It also insiders say makes production line enhancements made to improve processes supporting unannounced Mazda vehicle and design changes and to the thus far unknown Toyota SUV that will be produced at the plant.

Ken Zino of on MTM- Mazda Toyota Manufacturing August 2020


The new facility will have the capacity to produce up to 150,000 units of a future Mazda crossover vehicle and up to 150,000 units of the Toyota SUV each year. MTM continues to target up to 4,000 new jobs and has hired approximately 600 employees to date, with plans to resume accepting applications for production positions later in 2020.

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