Mercedes Benz G-Class has Minor Role in SMS Für Dich on mercedes-benz-g-class-has-minor-role-in-sms-fur-dichA Mercedes-Benz G-class is part of the new film SMS Für Dich (roughly and ironically “you’ve got sext”), starring Karoline Herfurth as children’s book illustrator Clara Sommerfeld. It opens in cinemas across Germany today. The romantic comedy is also Herfurth’s directorial debut.

It’s claimed that love in the age of text messaging is the stuff of Hollywood movies, but it’s also claimed that Herfurth has created “a wistful and sassy film that touches the heart,” by Mercedes publicists. on roughly and ironically “you’ve got sext” SMS Für Dich has big name actors and will likely be in the U.S. soon through Warner Brothers. The comedy is based on the successful 2009 novel of the same name by Sofie Cramer.

The Plot of SMS Für Dich

Here’s the story:  As she sets off on her journey to find love again, Clara is accompanied by her G‑Class. The truck takes her on some detours through the Berlin metropolis and rural Brandenburg before she ends up in the arms of sports journalist Mark (Friedrich Mücke). He was the unintended recipient of her yearning texts when Clara sends a series of distraught messages to what was Ben’s mobile number – her true love who died in a car accident. (No word if it was a Mercedes <grin>.)

Puzzled yet touched, Mark is fascinated by the text messages that are full of longing. This doesn’t sit well with his girlfriend Fiona (Friederike Kempter), thereby creating the minor conflict the film needs. Nevertheless, Mark is compelled to track down the mysterious stranger and gets his best friend David (Frederick Lau) to help.

Mark’s boss, the editor Wortmann (Samuel Finzi) provides some extra publicity in his E‑Class.  A selection of the latest Mercedes‑Benz vehicles will also be accompanying the cast on their promotional tour of Germany from 14 to 18 September.

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