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The Tesla Model 3 comes in at the top spot of this year’s Most Loved Vehicle Awards, according to Strategic Vision’s 2018 Customer Love Index (CLI) measure. The same research claims Chevrolet is building strong connections with their products and messages.

CLI puports to measure the amount of love that consumers have for products. Along all aspects of the vehicle, from styling and performance to tire and wipers, “Love” is the holy grail of customer experience. Love directly influences customer loyalty and product advocacy and is measured in terms of “emographics,” or the emotional profile of a population, which is crucial to understanding the “why” of decision-making.

“Tesla Model 3 customers love their vehicles more than any other owners love their vehicles,” says Strategic Vision President, Alexander Edwards. “Model 3 owners report that they love their Tesla so much they are willing to compromise and incur some of the inherent electric vehicle (EV) difficulties, such as charging time and location issues. If the infrastructure is put in place to make the EV ownership experience as a whole ‘equally loveable’ Model 3 owners will likely continue to be brand loyal,” Edwards concluded.

The Model 3 in Strategic Vision’s view strikes a balance that is seen as innovative, refined, and environmentally friendly. “When paired with an exciting performance, drivers feel a high sense of individuality in the Model 3s that they love.”

Chevrolet has managed to woo buyers with a steady increase in overall emotional involvement, when compared with the industry, according to Strategic Vision.  “Chevrolet is increasingly building relationships with buyers and shoppers. In the automotive industry, there’s a downward trend in Overall Emotional connection to vehicles. Additionally, Chevrolet has bucked this trend and in 2018 boasts a 40% level of emotional connection. ”

“Determine what people will love, then build,” says Christopher Chaney, Senior Vice President, Strategic Vision. “Don’t build and then wait to see if they love it. And don’t forget, Love is a value-emotion. It’s through the emotion that strong connections are created, which is what Chevrolet’s marketing campaign has done so well.”

SV says that Chevrolet’s ad campaigns featuring “real people, not actors,” reveal why emotions such as “Confidence” (feeling sure about the vehicle) and “Freedom” (feeling free to own and drive) raised the CLI score among Chevrolet owners.

This unique combination between smart and exciting is not limited to the Model 3, as these themes are seen throughout the brand as a whole. Tesla has other CLI victories in 2018, with the Model X as Most Loved Luxury Vehicle and as Most Loved Luxury Brand. Behind the Model 3 and Model X, are the Chevrolet Corvette Coupe, Corvette Convertible, Ford Mustang Convertible, Tesla Model S, and the Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet.

Another stand-out performer for 2018, two of MINI’s wins were for the Most Loved Mass-Market Brand and LGBTQ+ Brand. Drivers love vehicles and brands that make them feel like they stand out, demonstrated by both MINI and Tesla’s high scores in the area of individuality. Another theme seen in 2018 is the love that drivers have for their sedans (which won in four categories, not including Most Loved Sedan), despite the growing volume of crossovers in the market.

CLI is assessed based on an owner’s complete experience, from product characteristics to dealership experience to sentimental aspects of the vehicle. A CLI score is on average between 350-425, and above 525 is considered excellent. Segments were determined based on a mix of traditional buyer segments, along with some based more on demographic and psychographic profiles prevalent in the industry.

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