PSA Group – Lease New Plug-In Hybrid and EVs at Free2move on Peugeot 3008 SUV Hybrid

Coming to the U.S. if the FCA PSA merger doesn’t run out of charge?

New low-emissions vehicles (LEVs), offering either zero or low tailpipe CO2 emissions are now available from Free2Move. The leasing/finance arm of PSA now offers customers a choice between plug-in hybrid and full electric models, in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy.

“We are ideally placed to offer the wealth of forthcoming PSA LEVs to both existing and new customers, with DS Automobiles, Peugeot and Citroën having product available to order right now and Citroën in the near future,” claims Mark Pickles, General Manager, Free2Move Lease UK. (Mobility Roll of the Die – FCA and PSA Merger)

He notes that Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) models offer customers a choice of pure electric power for commuting distances with a highly efficient gasoline engine for longer journeys, removing range anxiety for drivers. Among the new PHEVs now available from Free2Move Lease are the new additions to the Peugeot: The 3008 SUV HYBRID with up to 40 miles electric range, measured on the more stringent WLTP test cycle, and CO2 emissions as low as 36g/km with combined cycle fuel consumption of up to 235.4mpg.

Two more Peugeot PHEV models are also now available: the new 508 Hybrid and All-new 508 SW Hybrid. All-new 508 Hybrid and 508 SW Hybrid  offer CO2 emissions as low as 38g/km with combined cycle fuel consumption of up to 235.4 mpg and maximum pure electric range of up to 39 miles (WLTP). All three Peugeot PHEV models can be fully charged in under two hours using a standard 7kW wallbox.

Free2Move Lease is also introducing the DS 7 Crossback E-Tense to its PHEV range of cars. The high-specification DS7 Crossback E-Tense 4×4 Performance Line offers 31g/km CO2 emissions and up to 36 miles pure electric range (WLTP). Combined fuel consumption of up to 235.4mpg is on offer. A 7kW wallbox will deliver a full charge in one hour 45 minutes.

The Vauxhall Grandland X Hybrid4 Business Edition Nav Premium, now available to lease from Free2Move Lease, provides a pure electric range of 34 miles (WLTP), enough it’s said for most commuter driving. The car can be re-charged in 3hrs 30 mins from a household socket or in 1hr 45mins using a 7kW wallbox charger, which would ensure that most city driving could be done without using the 200hp turbocharged gasoline  engine. With 113hp under electric power, the Grandland X can accelerate with zero tailpipe emissions.

Business drivers could be subsidized by taxpayers from a CO2 emissions figure of 34g/km, which with the 35-mile electric range gives lower Benefit-In-Kind tax rates than for an equivalent car powered solely by gasoline or dirty diesel engines. Grandland X also offers an official combined fuel consumption figure of 204mpg (WLTP).

Battery Electric Vehicles

Free2Move Lease also offers 100% battery electric cars, bringing zero-rated vehicle excise duty (VED) in first and subsequent years. Benefit-in-Kind tax rates are in the lowest category, meaning that drivers- courtesy of beleaguered ratepayers would pay less tax than drivers of cars with measurable CO2 tailpipe emissions. Electric cars offer lower noise levels than cars with internal combustion engines and are simple to drive, featuring a single speed transmission, which eliminates the need for a multi-speed gearbox and gives the driving characteristics of an automatic.

The New Vauxhall Corsa-e SE Nav is available from Free2Move Lease, offering an EV range of 209 miles (WLTP) on a full charge. Re-charging can take between 5hrs 15 minutes using an 11kW AC charger and 7hrs 30 mins from a 7kW Wallbox charger. The car can also be rapid charged to 80% of battery capacity in 30 minutes.

The Peugeot e-208 Allure Electric 50 kWh 136 can also be rapid charged to 80% of battery capacity in 30 mins. The e-208 offers a range of 217 miles (WLTP) on a full charge. Using a 7kW Wallbox charger, the battery can be re-charged from fully-discharged in 7.5 hours. The e-208 offers three driving modes, Normal, Eco and Sport.

The DS 3 Crossback E-Tense Performance Line is also available from Free2Move Lease. This “premium” compact SUV features extensive standard equipment, including an advanced safety pack and offers an electric range of 206 miles (WLTP). Like the e-208 it offers Normal, Eco and Sport modes. Charging from a 7kW Wallbox will take 7.5 hours and the car can be rapid charged to 80% of battery capacity in 30 minutes.

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