Robert Bosch Invests in TetraVue for Lidar Skills on TetraVue and Robert Bosch

Photo of car hitting wall of cardboard boxes taken with TetraVue LIDAR.

Robert Bosch has invested in TetraVue for LIDAR – Light Detection and Ranging – expertise that Bosch says will help enhance the capabilities of autonomous vehicles. This latest deal adds to a growing Bosch portfolio of companies in the field of sensors and software for autonomous vehicles.

In theory, TetraVue’s expertise helps address challenges with autonomous vehicles encountering unexpected or dangerous obstacles during operation. (Does that include the non-driver? <grin>)

TetraVue’s core technology differentiation is claimed to be their patented “light slicer” technology, which uses time and distance measurements to find optical intensities using standard CMOS sensors. The company’s approach yields many benefits, including higher reliability to meet automotive requirements, low latency, and ability to produce ultra-high resolution images for a wider range of distances at a lower cost.

“We are thrilled to have RBVC as a lead investor and partner” gushed Paul Banks, Founder and President of TetraVue. “Their expertise and knowledge of all the key players across the ecosystem has already benefited TetraVue with customer, supplier and investor access.”


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