Shanghai Yancui Import ships Hazardous Materials into US

In the latest example of how the U.S. Congress and federal officials have lost control of our borders, the Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration, aka FAA, is proposing a $227,500 civil penalty against Shanghai Yancui Import and Export Company of Shanghai, China, for “allegedly violating Hazardous Materials regulations.”

The FAA says that on 16 July 2013, yes – that’s more than one year ago, the company shipped a package containing a bottle of Titanium Tetrachloride on a DHL Express  cargo flight.

At least it was not Ebola. Nonetheless, workers at a DHL sorting facility in Erlanger, Kentucky discovered the bottle emitting smoke. Why it took the FAA this long to act is also an indictment of the continuing failure of federal agencies to do their job. It appears that the FAA has few attorneys working on a high volume of cases caused by corporate scofflaws.

Titanium Tetrachloride is a poisonous, highly corrosive material. Therefore, Hazardous Materials regulations prohibit shipping it on an aircraft. (Duh.) The package also contained two bottles of Benzodioxole, which is a hazardous flammable liquid. (Swell.)

Shanghai Yancui, it’s said and we’re betting can be proven in court, did not label or pack the shipment in accordance with Hazardous Materials regulations. Moreover, the package was not sent with shipping papers indicating the hazardous contents or any emergency response information. The FAA also alleges, belatedly, that Shanghai Yancui did not provide required hazardous materials training for its employees.

The case is now pending. Maybe the FAA is waiting for protocols from the CDC?

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