Shark Lawyers Circling VW Call for Buyback of Diesels

The Hagens Berman and Quinn Emanuel law firms filed a motion today in their national lawsuit against Volkswagen asking the court to order Volkswagen to provide owners of the VW diesels an immediate buyback offer at the Kelley Blue Book value as of 2 September 2015. This was the day before Volkswagen admitted to regulators that it had  installed and used illegal defeat device software in nearly 500,000 diesel engine vehicles sold in the United States since 2008. (Usual Posturing at VW House Hearing on Dirty Diesels and Volkswagen Investigation underway for Deliberately Violating Diesel Emission Rules – $18 Billion in Fines Coming?)

The preliminary injunction motion, filed in federal court in Santa Ana, seeks the buyback remedy following the automaker’s admission in congressional testimony that it cheated emissions regulations and would not begin a recall until 2016, and then taking at least a year to complete.

Volkswagen has admitted it intentionally employed the cheating software for at least the last six years, deceiving drivers and emissions regulators.

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