Small Business Pulse Weak – Large Negative Covid Effects

Ken Zino of on Small Business Pulse is Weak as Trump is Ousted

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The Small Business Pulse Survey that describes information from businesses with one to 499 employees on things such as location closings, employment changes, disruptions in the supply chain, the use of federal assistance programs, and expectations concerning future operations, was a timely addition by the Census Bureau this year.

It continues to show the deadly effects of COVID-denial and incompetence among Trump Administration officials that is killing ever more Americans daily with no end in sight. At the very least it provides insight as to what relief is really needed even as Mitch McConnell and his band of Republican outlaws and traitors refuse to provide federal aid to people who plainly need it.

A tip of the AutoInformed racing helmet to Bureau employees for doing their jobs whilst under constant and ongoing attacks from the Republicans as well as COVID19.  Help is on the way for some, but it took the election of President Biden to signal the beginning of the beginning of recovery on 20 January 2021 at noon. Better late than never. But for the suffering it’s small compensation for enduring a President who for four years based his actions in office on welfare for the rich and his own pockets ignoring the unemployed all the while being pampered, housed, fed and subsidized – by the taxpayers he disdains.

Ken Zino of on the Trump induced COVID Recession

Is it any wonder the voters have spoken in a landslide against Trump?

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