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EPA Releases Annual Enforcement Results

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA today issued its annual enforcement results, which the Agency said showed significant environmental and public health protections achieved during 2012. EPA said that there was a reduction of 2.2 billion pounds of air, water and land pollution, and 4.4 billion pounds of hazardous waste, as well as $252 million in civil and criminal penalties levied. Continue reading

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MI Supreme Court Allows Collective Bargaining Vote in November

The Michigan Supreme Court unanimously rejected a challenge today to block a vote on a proposal that ensures the right of collective bargaining in one of the key presidential election states. The Court of Appeals ordered the Board of State Canvassers to put the proposal on the ballot this November 6th after the board deadlocked on the action. Continue reading

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No Jobs Crisis Continues in May as Washington Dithers

The looming choices facing voters are clearly unpalatable. At the top of the ticket, you have the demonstrably job-destroying Harvard-educated Republican party 1 percenter Mitt Romney running against the demonstrably non-job creating Harvard-educated Democratic party 1 percenter Barack Obama. It is time to put the name “somebody else” on all ballots, which if somebody else wins starts another election with the other previously listed candidates disqualified from running again. Continue reading

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UAW to Demonstrate During Romney Speech at Ford Field

GM’s latest financial results added fuel to a raging fire as the elite political ruling class continues a contentious debate about the proper roll of government in the flagging U.S. economy in general, with the $80 billion auto bailout one of the focal points. One wag suggested that Democrats should run on “Bin Laden is Dead, GM is Alive,” a tough argument for Republicans and their ‘do nothing’ Congress to refute in the view of critics and what appear to be many pragmatic voters. Continue reading

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August New Vehicle Sales Barely Up. U.S. Economy Still Stalled

It looks like the new vehicle retail sales for August will continue at a seasonally adjusted annualized rate (SAAR) of a mere 9.9 million units since sales for August are projected at 898,000 units. The retail selling rate is just … Continue reading

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