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No Sales Surprises in May – Top Ten List Unchanged

There were no real surprises hidden in the U.S. sales data now that all the numbers are in. A slowly recovering U.S. auto market posted sales of 1.45 million light vehicles for a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 15.3 million light vehicles. This represented overall growth of slightly more than 8%, about in line with analyst expectations. Continue reading

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Toyota Led all Makers in U.S. Sales Gains During January of 2013

Offshore brands started 2013 with 54.4% of the U.S. auto market, down from the 55.3% they took in December, and the 55.8% share they occupied last January. The Detroit Three had a strong month in full size pickup sales as the housing market slowly recovers, accounting for more than 115,000 trucks, good for more than 11% of the market. Combined with other truck sales, this accounted for the offshore brand share decline, which offset in part by Toyota strong gains, including sales of 7,000 full-size Tundra pickups and 11,600 smaller Tacoma pickups a space now vacated by the extinct Ford Ranger. Continue reading

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Japanese Makers Up U.S. Share in November as East Coast Recovers

Japanese automakers with Asian tsunami and flooding production disruptions behind them and helped, ironically, by post Hurricane Sandy demand on the East Coast picked up marketshare in the U.S. November. Continue reading

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Offshore Brands Hold Share in U.S. Auto Sales During Stormy October

If there is any weakness in the Detroit Three, it remains passenger cars. Not one Chrysler, Ford or GM car occupied a spot on the Top Ten Selling list. This, once again, shows how entrenched Japanese automakers are in the small- and mid-size car segments, which now comprise 73% of the car market, good for total sales of more than 402,000 cars in October of 2012. Continue reading

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Offshore Brands Down Slightly in U.S. Market Share in April

Auto brands from offshore automakers held a 55.3% of the U.S. auto market in April, a slight decrease from a 56.3% in March. In raw numbers this accounted for 654,086 units, compared with 791,169 in March.

This is hardly a ‘Buy American’ trend though, because in the first four months of 2011, foreign-owned brands averaged a strong 55.6% share of the U.S. auto market. Simply put the Detroit Three in spite of the demonstrably best most fuel efficient car offerings in history haven’t laid a glove on the invaders. Continue reading

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Only Nissan of Japanese Big Three Grows with Overall Auto Market in February. Toyota and Honda Lag Industry Slightly

Nissan North America reported record February U.S. sales of 106,731 units versus 92,370 units a year earlier, making for an increase of 15.5% over last February’s record total. Toyota Motor Sales moved 159,423 vehicles in February for a 12.4% increase in volume. American Honda reported February 2012 monthly new-vehicle sales of 110,157, an increase of almost 13%.

Since the overall light vehicle sales market grew by 16%, only Nissan actually kept pace with the slow recovery in auto sales that saw the best February since 2008, although Nissan also has the highest incentives in the group. Economic indicators – from consumer confidence to the stock and job markets, are showing the best results in four years. This is good news for automakers since sales are off to their strongest start industry-wide since 2008 at a strong seasonally adjusted annual selling rate or SAAR of 13.3 million light vehicles.

The difference among the Japanese Big Three was more pronounced in the higher-margin luxury segment. As usual, Lexus easily led the way with almost 17,000 luxury cars and trucks, followed by Acura at 11,000 and Infiniti at 9,000 vehicles. Continue reading

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