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Thoughts on NAIAS Vehicles that Really Matter

Among the noise, models, crowds and carnival atmosphere at the North American International Auto Show last week, aka NAIAS, several important vehicles stand out. Continue reading

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Ford F-150 Aluminum Pickup Sheds 700 Pounds Late this Year

It is too soon for direct comparisons with the Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram and GMC Sierra because of the lack of detail in the media presentation. Some of the savings no doubt come from substituting smaller engines for a V8, but not all. No curb weights were given. Continue reading

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GM Claims Aluminum Spot Welding Innovation

General Motors Research & Development has invented what it claims is an industry-first aluminum welding technology, which it predicts will increase the use of the lightweight metal on future vehicles. The latest fuel economy regulations are forcing automakers to improve efficiency. Simple Newtonian physics explains that the force needed to accelerate a mass decreases with weight reduction, for example, less fuel is needed to move a lighter vehicle – if the weight reduction is not used to increase performance, a traditional industry response. Continue reading

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Honda Says New Steel and Aluminum Welding Process Cuts Weight

Honda Motor Company says it has a newly developed technology for the continuous welding of the dissimilar metals of steel and aluminum. Continue reading

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Alcoa Expanding to Make More Lightweight Aluminum Alloys

With the auto industry now pursuing composites to reduce weight to meet increasingly stringent emission and fuel economy standards, the increased supply of lightweight aluminum alloys could find its way onto production automobiles. The question is at what rate? Continue reading

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