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GM, Ford and Chrysler Post Strong August Sales but Lag Market Growth as Japanese Production Recovers and Car Sales Soar

Coming at the opening of the Democratic Presidential convention, the ongoing recovery of job and wealth creating Detroit companies will be political fodder for the Administration in the face of Mitt Romney’s well established “let ‘em die stance” even though his firm Bain capital accepted a federal bailout as Rolling Stone magazine has just revealed. Continue reading

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Unemployment Unchanged as Zero U.S. Jobs Created in August Amid Political Posturing, Inaction, Policy Failures

While private companies add 17,000 jobs in August, those meager gains were cancelled by the loss of 17,000 government jobs in August, meaning the unemployment crisis continued. Zero, zilch, nil, no jobs were created during another month of inaction, which saw the U.S, Congress take an extended paid vacation as the U.S. economy limped along with an official – and hugely understated – unemployment rate of 9.1 %, according to data released today by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This devastating unemployment rate has shown no change since last April. Continue reading

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